4-8205 Intelligent Capture Advanced Recognition

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Duration: 4 days

This course is designed to provide Business Partners, System Integrators and End Users the knowledge needed to configure and develop a solution using Intelligent Capture Advanced Recognition. You will learn to configure and use Intelligent Capture Advanced Recognition modules to classify the images automatically and manually (if required), and extract and validate the data. It provides in-depth knowledge and usage of all classification and extraction components. All concepts are enforced with hands on exercises.

  • Create Recognition projects
  • Design and implement different types of Advanced Recognition templates
  • Learn about the various types of Classification
  • Use Production Auto-Learning to automatically create a template
  • Create components necessary for Free Form Extraction
  • Learn how to move projects to production

    On completion of this course, participants should be able to:
    • Describe the Advanced Recognition modules: Classification, Identification, Collector, Auto-Learning Supervisor, and Recognition Designer
    • Use Recognition Designer to create a new Recognition project
    • Design and implement Advanced Recognition templates including: − Standard − High Precision Anchor (HPA) − Handwritten − Text matching − Keyword matching
    • Define parameters to control manual classification
    • Use binding fields and separators to dynamically control batch division
    • Create Intelligent Capture processes containing Advanced Recognition modules and process batches

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    • 3-8201 Intelligent Capture Fundamentals and Administration
    • 4-8206 Intelligent Capture Designer

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