DF310 - EnCase EnCE Prep Course OnDemand

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Duration: 24 Hours

The EnCE Application must be filled out and approved before registration to this course will be confirmed.

This EnCase Training OnDemand course is designed for EnCase users who are preparing for the EnCE (EnCase Certified Examiner) certification process. The EnCE certification is a highly sought-after accreditation, which requires significant knowledge of computer forensics, the OpenText™ EnCase™ Forensic methodology and EnCase Forensic software to successfully achieve. The two-phase testing process is based upon a written examination and the completion of a thorough practical scenario examination, including the preparation of an investigative report. The certification is based upon the practical computer forensic skills and knowledge presented in the OpenText Foundations in Digital Forensics with EnCase and Building an Investigation with EnCase courses. The EnCE Prep course is not intended to be a replacement for these two classes. Instead it is a thorough, accelerated review of the subjects covered in those courses that are applicable to the EnCE certification process. Students cannot waive or substitute the prerequisite attendance of Building an Investigation with EnCase course when applying to attend the EnCE Preparation course.

CPE Credits - 0

During this course, students review the skill set required to address the EnCE practical examination, including:

  • Digital forensic and EnCase Forensic concepts and methodology
  • Navigating the EnCase Forensic environment
  • The proper handling and acquisition of digital evidence using EnCase
  • Basic computer functionality as well as that of various computer file systems
  • Using EnCase functionality to examine digital evidence
  • Searching evidence with EnCase Forensic and bookmarking and tagging items of interest
  • Examining various artifacts using EnCase Forensic, including the Windows registry, Windows artifacts, email, and Internet history
  • Creating and exporting an examination report using EnCase Forensic

Students will review the body of knowledge required to perform computer forensic examinations. This body of knowledge, in the areas of computer science, computer forensic terminology, relevant law, and familiarity with the EnCase Forensic software is the core of the first phase (written examination) of the certification process.

The written examination is administered via an Internet-based testing service and must be taken within seven (7) calendar days of completing the Training OnDemand EnCE Prep course. The testing fee is waived for qualified students who are taking the test for the first time. The results of the written examination will be provided immediately following the completion of the examination, at which time those who achieved a passing score of 80% or more are eligible to proceed to the practical examination. As part of the practical examination, students are provided an examination version of EnCase Forensic and the evidence to be examined. The practical examination is scenario-based, requiring the student to show proficiency in applying the concepts and techniques taught in the Foundations in Digital Forensics with EnCase and Building an Investigation with EnCase courses and presenting those findings in a written examination report that will be submitted for grading.


  • A desktop/laptop computer.
    • Microsoft® Windows operating system is recommended.
  • Internet access
  • Latest Adobe® Reader software http://www.adobe.com
  • Some courses offer the ability to conduct optional practical exercises on a remote workstation. Internet Explorer and Firefox are recommended.

***OpenText Learning Subscription, Security Edition holders may only be registered in two (2) Training OnDemand courses concurrently

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Training materials for this course, including the DF310–EnCE Prep Course OnDemand student manual, will be sent electronically. MANUALS ARE AVAILABLE ONLY IN NON-PRINTABLE TIMED (1-YEAR) EBOOK FORMAT. PHYSICAL COPIES OF MANUALS ARE NOT AVAILABLE WITH TRAINING OnDEMAND COURSES.

Course Syllabus


EnCase users who have attended the EnCase courses, Foundations in Digital Forensics with EnCase (optional) or Building an Investigation with EnCase, and are preparing to sit for the EnCE (EnCase Certified Examiner) certification process.


We strongly encourage students to attend the DF120-Foundations in Digital Forensics with EnCase and DF210-Building an Investigation with EnCase. Advance preparation for this course is not required.

Course prerequisites and exam prerequisites are not equal. To qualify for the exam, students must have completed at least 64 hours of computer forensics related training or have 12 or more months work experience in the computer forensics field.


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