EDAX200 - Axcelerate Review and Analysis - Case Manager Training & Certification

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Duration: 3 Days

Axcelerate Review and Analysis - Advanced Certification (Wednesday thru Friday)


This in-person certification course is intended for Case Managers who will set up new Review and Analysis projects. This user might also manage the review team and review process once review batches have been created and will create productions.


None, though completion of the Axcelerate 5 Review and Analysis – Basic course is recommended.


Participants will be prepared to set-up and manage a document review or investigation project in the Axcelerate platform:

  • Customize and manage fields, arrangements, review states, data sets and batching templates
  • Identify, create, assign and manage review batches
  • Generate and understand Axcelerate reports
  • Perform Predictive Coding for review prioritization, data analysis and QC
  • Configure, create, QC and export productions

Course Length: 3 days (16 - 24 hours) plus 1 hour online exam and 3 hour proctored practical exam

 Course Syllabus


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Per Student at OpenText Site USD 1,500.00

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