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German Insurance and Pension Giant LVA Rheinprovinz Chooses Open Text Solution

Utilizes Open Text’s New Production Document Management Solution, Completes Germany’s Largest Transfer of Paper Documents

AIIM ON DEMAND, Philadelphia, PA – 2005-5-19 – Open Text™ Corporation (NASDAQ: OTEX, TSX: OTC), the world’s largest provider of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) software, said today that LVA Rheinprovinz, one of Germany’s largest insurance and pension firms with some seven million customers, chose Open Text’s new Production Document Management solution, the latest in a series of new Livelink ECM Solutions, to archive and manage a huge store of paper documents – some 122 million in all. With the new system, the company’s administrators can now access the files within seconds to accelerate processing. Open Text announced the news at the AIIM ON DEMAND 2005 Conference underway this week in Philadelphia. Open Text is exhibiting in booth #512.

Moving the documents to the Open Text system was the largest paper-to-online transfer ever undertaken in Germany. For more than a year, LVA Rheinprovinz transferred the documents into the shared Livelink ECM repository, taking special care to implement protections for confidentiality, security and system availability. For example, qualified electronic signatures were used to meet legal requirements for unalterable archiving, and the entire transfer process was documented, so that administrators can precisely check the integrity of all documents imported into the system.

“This ambitious project was only made possible by the good solution concept and the high competence of the chosen partners,” said Achim Pilatus, the project leader for the initiative at LVA Rheinprovinz, recognizing the timely and successful completion of the project

The core of the solution is the Livelink ECM Platforms’ Archive Server – its high scalability and performance, and its ability to connect to multiple storage systems, was essential to the success of the project. Another important feature was the deep integration of fully qualified electronic signatures, from scanning all the way to the verification of validity. In addition, the Archive Server enables the renewal of electronic signatures for content maintained in long-term archives, an important feature for LVA Rheinprovinz.

Open Text’s new Production Document Management solution, which the company announced this week (insert URL to release), offers many advantages for users of the LVA Rheinprovinz system. Administrators gain one-click access to the electronic file of any business transaction being processed, and a dynamic tree structure offers users an easy-read overview of all subject areas and documents. Time consuming file searching and management, plus storage costs, are eliminated. The browser-based system makes user access fast and easy. The front-end interface was customized in appearance and functionality to more closely fit users’ needs.

The success of the solution has already resulted in follow-up projects. The LVA Rheinprovinz is already archiving pension files in the system. In addition, the company has started a pilot project to test digital transaction-processing using the system.

“We are proud of the fact that the largest project of electronic archiving of documents in Germany so far, could be completed in such a short amount of time,” said Johannes Rehmet, Director of Global Services at Open Text in Germany. “And we are very pleased, that the LVA Rheinprovinz is committed to working with Open Text in the future.”

For more information on Open Text’s appearance at the AIIM ON DEMAND Conference this week, go to: http://www.opentext.com/events/event.html?id=5352550

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