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LiveLinkUp Europe 2005: Open Text comes to the User

19-20 April 2005 in London, UK

London – 2005-2-21 – Open Text™ (Nasdaq: OTEX, TSX: OTC), the world’s largest provider of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) software, is hosting its UK user conference, LiveLinkUp Europe 2005, in London on 19 and 20 April. The event is aimed at both Open Text and IXOS customers – including Barclays and Sony – and is intended primarily as a forum where users can exchange ideas and share experiences. The central theme of the user conference will be the Open Text SAP® strategy, which aims to integrate any type of business content in SAP processes. Other crucial topics to be discussed will include e-mail management, compliance, process optimisation, collaboration and SAP document integration. Open Text will also be unveiling its latest product roadmap, including tailored solutions for the manufacturing, banking and insurance, and pharmaceutical sectors as well as public administration and media.

“We are delighted to be able to present the progress that we have made with our customers on the road to merging Open Text and IXOS, both on a product and a corporate level, in just one year,” said John Kirkham, Vice President of International Sales at Open Text.

Tomorrow’s architecture through flexible service layer Thanks to a new service structure, partners and users now receive an open platform with which they can develop and add special components as they need them. Livelink ECM Services Architecture is wholly Java-based and includes native support for SOAP-based Web Services. The platform includes a spectrum of interconnected services, an integration framework and a flexible and expandable object layer. The product also makes it easier for customers to provide composite applications that have been created on the basis of the wide range of Open Text ECM solutions. This enables Open Text to add new solutions to the product more quickly and thereby accelerate the integration of new technologies. Seamless integration of Open Text solutions in the SAP® World The aim of Open Text’s SAP® strategy is to enable any type of business content to be integrated in SAP processes, through investment in innovative solutions. Livelink® for SAP® Solutions product – which will be presented exclusively at LiveLinkUp Europe 2005 – is the latest version of the tried and trusted IXOS product for SAP users. Classic scenarios such as improved efficiency and productivity in invoice checking or lower IT costs for replacing legacy systems and data archiving, or reducing compliance risks, can now be enhanced with new scenarios. Above all, occasional SAP users will benefit from new access options in a user-friendly environment, allowing customers to easily expand their central computers across the whole enterprise.

Efficient communication through virtual dialog “Livelink for Communities of Practice” brings people with similar interests and responsibilities together in a virtual community. The solution provides a central workspace within Livelink, where members can publish important information, distribute documents, maintain weblogs and hold online conferences. The solution also logs the contributions made by participants, making it easy for members of the community to find experts in particular topics. Open Text uses this solution for its own internal communication: the Open Text News Network allows all coworkers, wherever they are in the world, to exchange information efficiently and thus reduce the flood of internal e-mails.

Keep to regulations with compliance management Regulatory compliance is becoming an increasingly critical issue in many sectors, with a need for solutions which help enterprises to comply with official regulations, including in the area of unstructured information, rising sharply. Open Text offers both cross-sector and sector-specific solutions for effective compliance management. Open Text Solutions for E-mail Management include all the basic requirements such as rule-based and interactive archiving as well as basic search functions. They also contain tried and tested functions for legally prescribed inspection processes and structured management of retention periods and rules. The suite achieves this by extending traditional document management and records management functions to include e-mails. These are enhanced by country-specific functionalities for complying with official requirements, legislation and other regulations such as corporate governance principles. These include the American SEC Rule 17a-4, the Records Management Standard DoD 5015.2 of the US Department of Defence and the British PRO Records Management Standard.

Vertical solutions for highly regulated pharmaceutical industry The life sciences industry is one of the most highly regulated economic sectors in the world, and one of the most information-intensive. Open Text solutions for the life sciences industry include Livelink for Clinicals, a solution that allows all relevant information to be recorded and evaluated both during and after clinical tests. Furthermore, Livelink for Collaborative Submissions provides an extensive collaborative environment for the publication, inspection, approval, collection, export and long-term management of all official documents and applications. Finally, the complete solution Livelink for Regulated Documents enables users to manage key documents securely within a controlled lifecycle in accordance with important official requirements such as CFR 21 Part 11 of the US Food and Drugs Administration (FDA).

For more information on LiveLinkUp Europe 2005 go to the website at www.livelinkup-europe.opentextcom or contact us by e-mail on livelinkup-europe@opentext.com.

Open Text and IXOS

In February 2004, Open Text acquired 88 percent of IXOS. The merger created the world’s leading provider of ECM solutions with over 13,000 customer installations, almost 20 million users and planned sales of up to 450 million dollars.

Open Text

Open Text is the leading provider of Enterprise Content Management solutions, connecting people, processes and information in global organizations. Since its foundation, the company has added a sound financial base and continuous growth to its innovative character. Open Text supports more than 17 million workstations within 13,000 installations in 67 countries and 12 languages. You can find more information about Open Text at www.opentext.com.


IXOS SOFTWARE AG, a company of the Open Text Group, is a provider of enterprise-wide software applications with which enterprises can optimize their business processes and ensure secure, long-term archiving of all business documents in a highly scalable document storage system. IXOS is the leading provider of ECM solutions for seamless integration in SAP applications. IXOS software is used by more than two million users all over the world. You can find more information on our website at www.ixos.com.

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