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Leading Analyst Firm Identifies Open Text as a Leader in Team Collaboration

Open Text "Shows Staying Power" in Magic Quadrant: Team Collaboration Support

Chicago, IL – 2002-6-26 – Open Text™ Corporation (Nasdaq: OTEX. TSX: OTC), provider of Livelink®, the leading collaboration and knowledge management software for the global enterprise, today announced that according to Gartner Inc., a research and advisory firm with worldwide influence, Open Text is positioned in the Leader Quadrant in Gartner's Team Collaboration Support Magic Quadrant*. In Gartner's Research Note of May 23, 2002 entitled Magic Quadrant: Team Collaboration Support by Research Directors Simon Hayward and James Jacobs, which features vendors supporting team-based collaboration as their core value proposition, Open Text is placed in the upper right hand quadrant designated for Leaders.

Gartner Inc.'s Magic Quadrant positions vendors in a particular market segment based on their vision and ability to execute that vision. As defined by Gartner, Leaders are vendors who are performing well today, have a clear vision of market direction and are actively building competencies to sustain their leadership position in the market.

According to the report, "a distinctive characteristic of team collaboration tools is the need to articulate, track and support shared team goals; this leads to an emphasis on document-based styles of collaboration. However, other features, such as real-time collaboration, are also valuable, and leadership in this market lies with vendors offering a broad range of collaboration support capabilities."

"Gartner's Magic Quadrant is a recognized evaluation of vendors in the market place," says Anik Ganguly, Executive Vice President, Open Text. "Open Text believes strongly that collaboration and knowledge management technologies are interdependent and necessary to successful teamwork. Knowledge is created as a result of working in a collaborative environment. In Livelink, Open Text has gone to great lengths to provide a variety of capabilities to address all manners of collaboration and design specific line of business offerings to address the unique needs of industry vertical customers."

Livelink, Open Text's collaboration and knowledge management software for the global enterprise, includes a core set of features to enhance team collaboration, such as advanced document and records management, real-time collaboration through Livelink MeetingZone, business process automation, enterprise group scheduling and information retrieval.

Gartner's Magic Quadrant is a graphical representation of vendor performance in a market segment. The vertical axis of the quadrant indicates the vendor's ability to execute on its strategy and the horizontal axis indicates the vendor's completeness of vision. Each of the four squares of the quadrant are named to characterize the vendors placed in those areas: lower left square is labeled Niche Players, lower right square is labeled Visionaries, upper left square is labeled Challenger, and upper right square is Leaders. The Magic Quadrant is designed to serve a key role in choosing a vendor for the technology sector it is evaluating.

*The Magic Quadrant is copyrighted May 2002 by Gartner Inc., Inc. and is reused with permission. Gartner Inc.'s permission to print or reference its Magic Quadrant should not be deemed to be an endorsement of any company or product depicted in the quadrant. The Magic Quadrant is Gartner Inc.'s opinion and is an analytical representation of a marketplace at and for a specific time period. It measures vendors against Gartner Inc.-defined criteria for a marketplace. The positioning of vendors within a Magic Quadrant is based on the complex interplay of many factors. Gartner Inc. does not advise enterprises to select only those firms in the Leaders segment. In some situations, firms in the Visionary, Challenger, or Niche Player segments may be the right match for an enterprise's requirements. Well-informed vendor selection decisions should rely on more than a Magic Quadrant. Gartner, Inc. research is intended to be one of many information sources including other published information and direct analyst interaction. Gartner Inc. expressly disclaims all warranties, express or implied of fitness of this research for a particular purpose.

About Livelink

Livelink is the leader in collaboration and knowledge management for the global enterprise. Its richly-featured enterprise services include virtual team collaboration, business process automation, enterprise group scheduling and information retrieval services, all tightly integrated into a solution that is easily customized and extended. Livelink is essential to the effective management and development of communities of interest that span organizations and industries. For everything from the creation of complex e-community relationships to the automation of simple e-business processes, Livelink delivers true dynamic collaboration between individuals, organizations and large trading communities. Livelink servers are fully Web-based and open-architected to ensure rapid deployment and easy access to its full functionality through a standard Web browser. For more information, visit www.opentext.com/livelink/.

About Open Text

Since 1991, Open Text Corporation has delivered innovative software that brings people together to share knowledge, achieve excellence, deliver innovation, and enhance processes. Its legacy of innovation began with the successful deployment of the world’s first search engine technology for the Internet. Today, as the leading global supplier of collaboration and knowledge management software for the enterprise, Open Text supports five million users across 4,500 corporations in 31 countries and 12 languages throughout the world. As a publicly traded company, Open Text manages and maximizes its resources and relationships to ensure the success of great minds working together. For more information, visit www.opentext.com.