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OpenText Eloquent Media Server

An enterprise-class certified knowledge delivery system

OpenText Eloquent Media Server enables closed-loop communication between your end users, subject matter experts and management. It enables you to measure the effectiveness of materials, identify gaps in the preparedness of employees, drive return on communications investment and ensure that corporate initiatives are effective. Eloquent Media Server leverages leading-edge rich media technology and revolutionary closed-loop content publishing, tracking, and remediation capabilities to manage and measure the delivery of information to globally distributed audiences.

Fast and effective knowledge delivery is critical to the success of any organization that faces the following challenges:

  • Changing markets and products create a sales readiness challenge.
  • Changing policies and procedures create an employee awareness challenge.
  • Changing rules and regulations create a compliance and certification challenge.


  • Certifies knowledge delivery
  • Reduces travel and training costs
  • Improves productivity
  • Enables closed-loop communications
  • Improves comprehension and retention


The Eloquent Media Server's key freatures include:

  • Integrated content workspaces: Eloquent Media Server provides three integrated workspaces to help you deliver the right content to the right people: An Information Center, where end users access personalized content all of the learning management materials they need A Tracking Center, where management measures and ensures knowledge delivery certification A Control Center, where subject matter experts publish and manage content, from creation through to recording, publication and delivery.
  • Content standards support: Supports various types of content, including Microsoft Word documents, Microsoft PowerPoint presentations, rich media presentations, 3D product tours, live meetings, HTML pages, video, audio, tests and surveys, calendars of upcoming events and more.
  • Search and navigation capabilities: Includes powerful search and navigation capabilities to help you quickly and easily locate specific content in the repository.
  • Content delivery facilities: Delivers content to all users including travelers via the Internet, handheld devices, and CD-ROM.
  • Usage report generation: Incorporates usage reports and quizzes so you can cost-effectively monitor key training and certification metrics.
  • Management dashboard: Displays key results to executives and managers in an at-a-glance management dashboard where they can drill down to quickly determine effectiveness of materials for individual users or targeted audiences, even if the materials are viewed offline on a CD-ROM.
  • Detailed report customization: Provides executives and managers with the ability to customize reports to highlight specific information, communicate directly via email with under or over performers and export data for integration with in-house data analysis tools.
  • Seamless integration with corporate systems: Integrates seamlessly with your corporate systems, including OpenText Content Server, WebEx, and HRMS databases, so that you can leverage the knowledge in your existing solutions.
  • Web-based system object management tools: Provides a complete set of Web-based management capabilities that enable you to easily maintain all system objects, including users, groups, and permissions, manage the system configuration, import and export content from external systems, and monitor system status and system events.