OpenText Content Viewing Solutions

Flexible document viewing options and enhanced document security functionality

OpenText is a leading provider of file format and viewer solutions for desktop applications, OEM, integrated BPM systems, and reprographics. We provide solutions for the toughest document imaging challenges. From scanning to printing, OpenText’s universal viewers and imaging tools handle the access, sharing, and distribution of your company’s technical and business information. Integrate this functionality into your traditional network databases, intranet, or Web solutions to obtain custom document solutions, to create, capture, view, redact, markup, and publish content to support your business processes.

OpenText Content Viewing Products

  • OpenText Content Viewer Toolkit (formerly Image a▪X) is your best choice for deeply embedding document view and markup ActiveX toolkits in your own Windows application. It combines a collection of ActiveX controls for Windows extracted from the core Desktop Viewer product, the proven view-markup-print-edit capability of Desktop Viewer, and the flexibility of Microsoft's ActiveX technology. Integrate view-markup-print-edit functionality for hundreds of document types into your networked database solutions or intranet/Web solutions.
  • OpenText Desktop Viewer (formerly Imagenation) is the core technology platform for all the content viewing products. Its ability to handle document viewing requirements—from native file viewing and 3D CAD model viewing, to direct scanning and cleanup of paper documents, to document markup and revision—for hundreds of industry standard formats makes OpenText Desktop Viewer the leader in enterprise-wide viewing tools.
  • OpenText Thin-Client Viewer (formerly ViewCafé) is a thin-client view and markup product. This Web-based, Java™ 2-powered document viewing, markup, and collaboration tool, enables businesses to access, share, distribute, and cooperatively review documents across the organization and throughout the extended enterprise with partners, suppliers, and customers.

Spicer is now OpenText!

Learn more about OpenText's acquisition of Spicer Corporation.


OpenText solves business problems for organizations worldwide. From viewing to printing, OpenText Content Viewing Solutions can handle a wide range of business challenges, such as:

  • Freedom of Information
  • Legal Discovery
  • Universal Viewers for ECM
  • Engineering Viewers
  • View-Markup for ECM and PLM
  • Format Conversion
  • PDF Viewing and Markup
  • Viewing and Markup
  • Online Collaboration
  • Scan-Review
  • Printing and plotting
  • Scan to File
  • Raster Cleanup