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OpenText Secure MFT

Effectively manage the exchange of large files in and out of your organization with a secure and fast solution using OpenText MFT software.

OpenText Secure MFT is an enterprise solution for managing the exchange of rich digital content inside and outside of an organization.

Unbounded by email attachment size limits and circumventing the often complicated traditional file transfer services, OpenText Secure MFT empowers business users to independently execute file transfers not only between local employees but global departments, partners, customers and service providers using the most common and familiar business tool - Emails. Armed with ultra-fast transfer performance across all network conditions, Secure MFT simplifies and unburden users from mundane and often risky file transfer tasks and allows them to move on and be productive.

By allowing users to seamlessly exchange large and often sensitive files from their desktop without turning to alternative methods such as burning DVD’s and CD’s, USB Keys, insecure FTP, and even Courier’s for large file delivery - OpenText Managed File Transfer empowers organizations with complete transparency and full auditability in all events related to content exchange. Together with the support of industry standard FIPS 140-2 validated cryptography, OpenText Secure MFT ensures the safety of the exchange of intellectual properties thereby mitigating risks and improving compliance.


Secure MFT Benefits:

  • Eliminate risk of breaches
    Eliminate risk of unsecure file exposure and keep your data safe with a secure file transfer solution for ad hoc file transfers that no longer require time-consuming workarounds
  • Increase user adoption of a single, secure solution
    Eliminate the temptation of employees to share enterprise information through unsecured methods by deploying a single, user-friendly solution for the entire organization
  • Save time and get more done
    Meet your deadlines and send files exactly when you need to–OpenText Fuel provides patent-pending, proprietary acceleration to send files up to 80x faster than FTP or HTTP
  • Integrate seamlessly into users’ everyday workflow
    Easily send files from email, web, and desktop applications with zero disruption in workflow, including full integration with Microsoft® Outlook®
  • Proof when you need it
    Quickly and easily provide a complete audit trail of all file transfer operations
  • Increase productivity Don’t waste time waiting for files to upload–get more done with accelerated and faster upload speeds that won’t crash and lose upload progress
  • Save your IT staff time
    Reduce the burden on IT of tracking workarounds and help with the enforcement of policies around performance, risk, auditability, and security
  • A centrally managed, single source for file transfers
    OpenText Secure MFT ensures end-to-end visibilityto all activity in a single solution

Managed File Transfer Features:

  • Microsoft Outlook Integration: OpenText Managed File Transfer solution provides add-ins for Microsoft Outlook email clients. It is the easiest way to exchange files with anyone.
  • High Speed Transfer Protocol: Send and receive files up to 80 times faster than traditional methods, such as FTP, HTTP, NFS, SMTP, or Windows network share.
  • Unlimited File Size: Overcome the 2GB file size limitation of traditional file transfer methods, such as HTTP.
  • Delivery Receipt: Get an official record of the time and date a file was delivered and received.
  • Multi-location deployment: A flexible architecture designed to fit your global business, OpenText MFT Transfer Servers can be located across global locations to optimize the network usage, dramatically improve file transfer times, and segregate content for the ultimate in security.
  • Dispatch Folders: Preconfigured with a target destination, drag and drop files into a Windows Folder and MFT will automatically send them. Use Dispatch Folders for email exchanges as well as Server based transfers.
  • Active Directory and LDAP Integration: Leverage the existing enterprise directory infrastructure to centralize user authentication and access control. It can also streamline user experience through the support of Single Sign On.
  • User Provisioning: With centralized user management and a flexible model for user provisioning, Administrator can easily manage and distribute user accounts. With web registration and self-provisioning, Administrators can both manually choose to approve new accounts or automate new account setup. In addition, Administrators can enable business users to “invite a friend” for customer or partner account setup.
  • File Non-Repudiation: Guarantee integrity of files being transferred with industry standard cryptographic module, along with detailed authentication records of the senders and recipients involved in each exchange.
  • Flexible Deployment Model: OpenText Secure MFT is available both on premises, in the cloud, or a hybrid of both.