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OpenText Secure Mail

Secure Email: Simplified and Integrated

OpenText Secure Mail is a cloud-based secure messaging solution for tracking, securing and controlling email messages and attachments. Secure Mail enables internal and external users, as well as applications, to easily exchange highly confidential email information.

Traditional email is vulnerable. Given increasingly sophisticated security threats and harsh financial penalties for a breach, organizations have to increase the security of their most widely used communication tool - email. However, they must also balance their need to communicate confidential information easily and fast. Secure Mail’s tight integration with existing email systems makes tracking and exchanging encrypted messages and files remarkably simple. Users never have to leave their Inbox to access robust features, and can also use Secure Mail via mobile apps or the web portal from any device.


The Secure Mail patented Delivery Slip feature is a window to the secure message. Users can access information about senders and recipients, and what actions they’ve performed on secure messages - including messages decrypted and read, forwarded, replied or recalled.


Secure Mail protects your data wherever it is – even when you access it on your phone. Data is secured in transit with a minimum of 128bit SSL connectivity, and at rest with AES 256-bit encryption - reducing the risk of traditional email’s high vulnerability to a breach.


Pre-emptive Data Loss Prevention allows keyword inspecting of all messages, black listing of message content, and enforces or pre-emptively recommends using Secure Mail based on specific policies. This helps reduce the risk of accidental or intentional employee leakage of information.



  • Integrates tightly with Microsoft Outlook®
  • Tracks messages comprehensively
  • Recall messages even after users receive them
  • Offers policy-based data leakage protection including automatic encryption based on keywords, regular expressions and algorithms
  • Supports native applications for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry mobile and tablet devices
  • Deploys rapidly in the cloud
  • Features documented REST-based APIs, configurable user permissions and message expirations
  • Allows archiving of secure messages decrypted into any third-party cloud archive solution


  • Enhances communication of confidential information between employees, customers and partners
  • Provides visibility into the delivery status of every secure email message
  • Strengthens compliance related to the protection of confidential information, ensuring it only goes to the intended recipients
  • Supports Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Policies
  • Integrates into applications and workflows to help accelerate processes where the flow of confidential information is critical
  • Reduces IT costs and responsibilities associated with managing and upgrading on-premises hardware