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Information Exchange Suite

OpenText Information Exchange is a set of solutions within Enterprise Information Management (EIM) that facilitate efficient, secure, and compliant exchange of information inside and outside of organizations.

Traditional information exchange practices have long consisted of an ad hoc arrangement of fragmented systems that don’t talk to each other, increasing business costs and security risks while slowing down transactions. With business globalization, increased regulatory pressure and the advent of cloud computing, mobile devices, and bring-your-own-device (BYOD) - organizations are rethinking the way they do information exchange.

OpenText Information Exchange Suite delivers a comprehensive, integrated suite of products that accelerate time to transaction. The Suite integrates messaging and B2B Integration services such as secure mail, large file transfer, fax, EDI and notifications all within a single platform – enabling any to any transactions. Cloud or on premises, Information Exchange Suite enables businesses to accelerate and control how information is delivered – increasing the security and reliability of sensitive or complex communications. Organizations can now execute transactions quickly, easily and with a higher level of confidence.

From extending governance policies and best practices across channels to ensuring compliance, to removing barriers by accelerating information sharing through mobile devices, information exchange is redefining enterprise conversations.

Featured Products

Secure Mail

OpenText Secure Mail is a cloud-based secure messaging solution, which integrates directly with your existing Outlook email to provide enhanced encryption, tracking, protection and control of email.

  • Enterprise-level security and Data Leakage Prevention
  • Integration into workflows and applications that leverages your existing systems
  • Cloud-based solution enables rapid deployment, scalability and ease of management
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Secure MFT

OpenText Secure MFT is an enterprise solution for managing the secure exchange of large files inside and outside the enterprise.

  • Enterprise-level security and auditability
  • OpenText Transfer Protocol accelerates large file transfers
  • A single file transfer solution for all ad-hoc and process-based requirements
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Fax2Mail is an enterprise cloud fax service that gives users and applications the ability to send and receive faxes via email or web services.

  • Ease of use
  • No fax hardware or software to install
  • No IT management required
  • Instant scalability with no busy signals
  • Data security


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Business Needs

Extend the Power of Information with OpenText Information Exchange Suite

Information Exchange Business Needs

As a practice of Enterprise Information Management (EIM), OpenText Information Exchange Suite is a set of solutions that facilitate the efficient, secure, and compliant flow of information inside and outside the enterprise from any sender to any receiver in any format.Information Exchange Suite encompasses the entire B2B value chain, facilitating an enormous (and ever increasing) volume of transactional and conversational data through a host of mediums - from electronic faxes and cloud services to file sharing, secure email, electronic data interchange, and managed file transfer.

Cutting the cost of B2B information exchange processes: Automate workflows, speed communications, and facilitate compliance with security and records-keeping mandates, all while lowering costs of information exchange, such as fax-based processes, by up to 70 percent. Additionally, enterprises can significantly reduce the administrative burden of B2B information exchange by moving the management of systems (fax and document distribution, data integration, file sharing, and others) to the cloud.

Increasing compliance and security of information: Extending governance policies across all information channels such as email and file transfer to maintain a fully transparent audit trail and manage the flow of information in a defensible manner strengthens the ability of organizations to confidently address security requirements, regulatory inquiries and litigation calls.

Enrich the impact of information: Businesses can amplify the impact of information by building efficient communication channels across the entire network to get the right information to the right person at the right time, on any device.

Efficiently sharing and managing vital high-volume data exchanges: Being able to safely and cost-efficiently manage the flow of large files through Managed File Transfer (MFT) is a source of enormous cost savings compared to traditional approaches like FTP.

Acceleration time to transaction: Everyday organizations need to move information forward in order to execute business.Orders, shipments, invoices, reports – with a unified and consistent method for exchanging information across business channels, organizations can dramatically improve their time to transaction - driving more business, securely.

Learn how you can drive value across the enterprise with Information Exchange solutions and Enterprise Information Management. Download the executive white paper, Extending the Power of Information


Information Exchange Products

Fax Solutions

Automate and integrate the exchange of business critical documents on premise or in the cloud in order to increase productivity and lower operational costs.

  • Transform paper-based operations into digital processes
  • Reduce manual labour and automate information distribution
  • Send and receive fax on premise and in the cloud
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Secure Messaging

Secure messaging and file transfer solutions to exchange sensitive business information inside and outside the firewall with air-tight security and complete audit tracking.

  • Protect business information and control access
  • Accelerate information exchange of any size
  • Ensure regulatory compliance in the cloud or on premise
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Provide high-performance access to critical business applications regardless of geographical boundaries with virtual desktop solutions and terminal emulation for desktops and mobile devices.

  • Accelerate business processes and improve Enterprise agility
  • Increase user productivity and application experience
  • Improve security while reducing IT costs
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B2B Integration

Optimize the reliability, reach, and cost efficiency of your electronic B2B supply chain with EDI and Integration services that are go beyond traditional VANs.

  • World-class EDI transaction network
  • Managed EDI services for maximum cost efficiency
  • Bridge the gap with non-EDI partners
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Capture and Recognition

Capture paper and electronic documents and transform them into digital content to reduce cost, speed up processes, and ensure legal compliance.

  • Turn paper documents into machine readable information
  • Integrate non-digital information with business processes
  • Control the flow of documents across your organization
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Information Exchange Suite

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Enabling Secure Messaging for the Enterprise with OpenText Information Exchange Suite

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