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OpenText Engineering Document Management

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Create, capture, review, and manage, all your engineering documents

Architects, designers, engineers, contractors, suppliers and manufacturers require effective methods for working with a large number of documents that often consist of hundreds of different file types, including Office and PDF documents, CAD drawings, and image files. They require a simple way to manage the often complex relationships between engineering drawings and related documents within their existing business processes and to make these documents available whenever they are required.

OpenText Engineering Document Management provides a single, authoritative repository for storing and organizing engineering documents. The solution provides engineers and supporting teams with a secure, collaborative web-based environment to create, capture, review, and manage, both completed and work-in-progress engineering documents. Additionally, engineers can use features such as OpenText Engineering Document Management's advanced workflow capabilities to route documents for review and approval, while its web-based interface provides secure access to engineering documents from anywhere in the world, at any time.


  • Provides greater control over critical engineering documentation
  • Ensures accurate and current information is available to all stakeholders
  • Allows a single document to be revised by multiple parties concurrently
  • Facilitates collaboration and coordination between projects by providing transparency of document revisioning
  • Scaleable to support engineering projects and facilities across the enterprise
  • Interface with leading CAD-authoring tools for document creation and revision with advanced processing and data mapping capabilities.
  • Create and name documents and assets in accordance with industry or corporate numbering standards.
  • Manage document revision requests and track minor revisions through various stages such as “issued for construction” and “as-built”.
  • Manage the promotion of completed revisions to documents-of-record and maintain a complete history of these documents.
  • Support concurrent revisions of documents by multiple teams.
  • Provide Web-based visualization and annotation capabilities to make engineering content accessible to users without desktop engineering applications.
  • Integrate with maintenance and ERP systems, such as SAP® solutions, to grant easy access of content to users of these systems.