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Business Process Modeling and Operational Improvement

Model, analyze and deploy your process improvements quickly and seamlessly with OpenText Process Suite

Successful businesses need to be built to change. However, many organizations are hindered by IT landscapes that are built to last. OpenText Process Suite Platform (Process Platform) delivers the process modeling tools to close this gap through a powerful, next generation software platform that enables organizations to adopt and embrace change and stay in control. Process Platform puts the business in direct control of their processes and fosters alignment between business and IT, resulting in tangible benefits for both. Process Platform is unique in its ability to align IT with business needs.

Process Platform modeling tools are designed to support a continuous process improvement cycle that follows the natural flow of iterative and agile transformation:

  • Discovery of processes based on mining techniques or simplified manual goal and activity modeling
  • Modeling processes according the business objectives and strategy
  • Executing processes in exact accordance with designs
  • Monitoring processes and business activities closely in real-time
  • Improving processes and analyzing feedback on a continuous basis

With Process Platform, you can leverage new process-oriented solutions and services from the cloud, while respecting existing enterprise software. Deliver better customer service and release additional value from existing IT.

How to Use Business Modeling to Make Improvements to Operational and Case Workflows

  • Deliver process-based applications faster to support the needs of the business
  • Reduce the risks associated with inflexible, hard-coded applications
  • Enable true collaboration between business and IT
  • Provide access on-premises, in the cloud, or as a hybrid offering

OpenText Process Suite Platform is unique because it bridges three, seemingly disconnected, worlds: Business Process Management, SOA Integration and Composite Applications Development. It is also unique in its approach by having one single platform for deployment on premise or in the cloud. Process Platform business process modeling can help your organization improve business operations by leveraging existing IT investments quickly and simply.

Benefits of OpenText BPM Software:

  • Integrates a single, open platform based on SOA architecture
  • Supports traditional BPM and Dynamic Case Management in a single platform
  • Enables true business and IT collaboration through a single workspace
  • Supports any kind of workflow; human, document or integration-centric
  • Includes master data lifecycle management and synchronization across multiple source systems
  • Addresses the challenge of orchestrating services between on-premise and the cloud
  • Uses a secure, highly available and stable architecture
  • Delivers collaboration capabilities and Process Intelligence for advanced reporting and analytics