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Entity Modeling

Simplified application development with a low-code approach

Process Suite 16 delivers an easier way to build process-centric applications with entity modeling – a new low-code application development. It supports “information-driven design” which is an alternative approach to process-centric design where the business user or subject matter expert builds an application by starting with the information or asset that needs to be managed, instead of how the process needs to flow. Every process or case has data and assets that need to be managed. With entity modeling, the data for a case or process is implemented by creating entities. The process doesn’t go away; it is built at a different point in the design process. 

Watch this short video to learn more about Entity Modeling.

Process Suite’s entity modeling improves application development in two ways:

  • It brings application development closer to the subject matter expert. By enabling the subject matter expert to engage directly in the development of the application, the likelihood of time and resource wasting communications errors  is reduced.
  • It minimizes the need for code. Code is complex and expensive to design, create and test. When the amount of new code necessary to build an application is lowered, the cost of that application is also lowered.

The driving force behind entity modeling is to create a shared framework that ties together the common aspects of a process application’s domain. Applications designed to address process or information management needs have common elements. Those elements can include lists, dashboards, navigation, forms, and so on. By building a framework, providing these common elements along with a compositional approach to specify functionality, entity modeling delivers:

  • An intuitive way of modeling the business domain that is close to how the subject matter expert conceptually thinks about it
  • The ability to guide the subject matter expert as much as possible when navigating through the domain model to express business logic

The result is an application development platform that speeds the time to market for new applications, simplifies effort required to modify and update processes, allows for experimentation and creates a common language for business and IT.

Speed Up Your Application Deployment

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