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Enterprise Service Bus

OpenText Process Suite

OpenText Process Suite Platform Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) is the solution your organization needs to help you build and maintain an effective enterprise IT architecture. Respond quickly to new business requirements, continuously reduce the cost of IT to the business, be agile and flexible, and seamlessly integrate applications, cloud services as well as new and existing business partners and customers.

Traditional ESB implementations use a hub-and-spoke architecture, where all back-end systems (spokes) rely on the hub to communicate with each other and any hub failure causes the entire system to fail. OpenText Process Suite Platform (Process Platform) ESB does not have a central hub, which eliminates the single point of failure and removes a common performance bottleneck. The Process Platform ESB uses bus as an architecture and 'peer-to-peer' as the communication paradigm. This unique technology enables every service as a loosely coupled, distributed service on a bus, with the associated benefits of granular fail-over and scalability.

If you recognize the following challenges and problems, start looking at an ESB in a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) as a solution:

  • Huge sums of money have been invested in both IT infrastructure and applications, but the expected ROI has been disappointing.
  • Leveraging current functionality could help increase the ROI on existing investments.
  • The market requires quick responses to new demands; and IT cannot provide enough flexibility.
  • The IT infrastructure has dictated what business processes are possible, and changes come around too slowly.

Process Platform ESB helps companies overcome these limitations. If your IT landscape has evolved into a complex environment that struggles to meet your current business requirements, the OpenText Process Platform ESB will help you to be agile again. With OpenText Process Platfrom ESB, your organization can build an effective, agile and future-proof Service Oriented Architecture and let you expand your business potential using your existing IT investments.