Composite Application Framework

OpenText Process Suite

The Composite Applications Framework (CAF) is a component of OpenText Cordys. It allows you to integrate disparate data sources, legacy systems, business software and web content into a personalized, process oriented workplace that goes beyond anything a portal platform can offer. It provides a single view and personalized browser interface with a rich user experience. The Composite Application Framework helps organizations to increase personal productivity of knowledge workers and connect external stakeholders with fit-for-purpose applications.


Rich Internet Applications

In a heterogeneous application environment, often a single interface to all business systems is missing. The results are: complexity in finding reliable data, low productivity of knowledge workers and high cost of changing or enhancing existing applications. The OpenText Cordys Composite Application Framework (CAF) offers one of the most advanced Rich Internet Application (RIA) frameworks currently available. The Cordys Composite Applications Framework allows you to adopt a highly innovative, process driven Web 2.0 application within your organization in a very safe and secure way.

Empowerment of knowledge workers

The Cordys Composite Application Framework provides a single, personalized UI framework for composite applications with a rich user experience. It consolidates and presents structured and unstructured information, operational data and human activities as one unified workplace. With OpenText Cordys CAF, knowledge workers can create rich composite internet applications and end-user mash-ups based on the latest Web 2.0 User Interface technologies. By using modern standards like HTML5, CSS3, and Restful API's, OpenText Cordys delivers the advantages of easy-to-deploy web applications. 

Connecting external stakeholders

OpenText Cordys Composite Application Framework is used by many organizations to connect and interact with external stakeholders. Interwoven with corporate websites, those applications address the need to seamlessly interact with suppliers, agents, customers and external experts who may participate in your processes.


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