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OpenText Information Hub

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Enhance the value of your applications with analytics

OpenText Analytics Suite comprises two deeply integrated products: Big Data Analytics and iHub. Working in tandem, these two products give your business users, business analysts and citizen data scientists the ability for independent data preparation, data exploration, advanced analytics and sharing and socializing the analysis results in compelling dashboards, as interactive data visualizations, or reports—completely tailored to your organization's analytics and reporting requirements and packed with layers of secure, engaging, personalized information.

iHub is a scalable analytics and data visualization platform that enables IT leaders and their teams to design, deploy, and manage secure, interactive web applications, reports, and dashboards fed by multiple data sources. iHub supports high volumes of users, and its integration APIs enable embedded analytic content in any app, displayed on any device.

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Explore Your Data Any Way You Want To

OpenText™ Interactive Viewer is the quickest and most convenient viewing option pre-packaged with iHub. Within a few minutes of being introduced to the intuitive interface, even the most non-technical users can start accessing and customizing their content for their own needs and preferences. They can modify, save, and share reports, dashboards, and data visualizations with just a few clicks or touches.

Business users can freely explore and find answers to their questions about the what, when, why, and how behind a given data set.

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Make Your Data attention-grabbing with real-time Dashboards

For a richer reporting experience, the iHub Dashboards feature aggregates multiple data sources and serves up real-time results in sleek, appealing graphic visualizations that put data at users’ fingertips. Designed to be used without training, our Dashboards are quick to assemble, personalize, and share. State-of-the-art charts, gadgets, tables, and graphical selectors allow users to illustrate and explore their data without IT support.

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Powerful Ad-hoc Reporting for Business Users

OpenText™ Analytics Studio provides ad-hoc reporting capabilities and is part of the iHub analytics software.

By using drag and drop functionality you can easily assemble reports for personalized business insights. Blend and explore your data, add new sources on the fly and effortlessly create ad hoc reports in your browser.

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Self-Service Data Preparation for Business Users

Extend the functionality of iHub with OpenText™ Big Data Analytics to employ self-service capabilities for data preparation, data exploration and advanced and predictive analytics.

Big Data Analytics, a browser-based application, easily handles the extraction, transfer, load, and cleansing functions, even for enormous data sets spanning billions of rows. It also standardizes and joins multiple data sources, including external data warehouses. Then, with the push of a button, you can add the result into iHub as a new data source ready for consumption in Analytics Studio or Dashboards. In addition, you can also share and socialize your insights as an interactive visualization with a broader audience.

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Design, Deploy, and Manage Your Analytics Applications

OpenText™ Analytics Designer, a graphical, drag-and-drop companion design tool and powerful IDE, allows you to build interactive applications, dashboards, and personalized business reports to deploy on iHub.

  • Aggregate multiple enterprise data sources to present a unified, consistent view of important information to expedite and cultivate smarter decision-making.
  • Reduce risks and stay future-ready with user- and role-based security rules and enterprise-class scalability and manageability.

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Derive Deeper Insights by Combining Structured and Unstructured Data

OpenText™ InfoFusion for Analytics Suite is a powerful, effective answer to the need to make sense of huge volumes of unstructured data, an increasingly common business requirement across all industries. Modern digital organizations are looking to their unstructured data to help make business decisions, such as determining user or consumer sentiment, cooperating with discovery requirements, assessing risk, and personalizing their products for customers.

OpenText InfoFusion extends Analytics Suite with OpenText technology like content management, auto classification, semantic analysis, natural language processing, and machine learning--so that the insights from both structured and unstructured data can be leveraged side-by-side within the analytic suite.

Make Data Easy to Understand for Every User

Share Stunning Visualizations—with Millions of Rows of Data at Your Fingertips

Humans are visual creatures. We understand and learn new information more quickly and easily when it is presented in visually appealing graphic images or recognizable patterns. OpenText combines world-class advanced and predictive analytic capabilities with powerful visualization and reporting tools giving users the insight they need to make better business decisions.

Design, Deploy, Manage

iHub, is a web-based application, that enables you to design, deploy, and manage secure, interactive web applications, reports, and dashboards fed by multiple data sources.

It supports high volumes of users, and its integration APIs make it easy to embed analytic content into any application, displayed on any device.

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Meet Critical Business Needs

iHub meets your business-critical requirements, providing every user with real-time information and self-service business analytics as part of their day-to-day experience.

It delivers data analytics, ad-hoc reports, customer-facing applications, report statements, data visualizations, and more.

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Secure and Scale Your Data

Transform any data into meaningful insights with relevant visualizations so your users can more easily understand their data.

iHub connects to any data source, and offers unparalleled security and infinite scalability.

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