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OpenText Big Data Analytics in the Cloud

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Advanced analytics delivered via managed cloud services provide versatile capabilities without IT headaches

Big Data Analytics in the Cloud

OpenText™ Big Data Analytics in the Cloud is a new Analytics-as-a-Service solution from OpenText that provides business users with a more complete understanding of their customers, markets, and business operations. Formerly only available to data experts, this service is now available to all, without IT hardware investment, and backed by the OpenText Managed Cloud Services team.

Big Data Analytics enables business users to analyze Big Data with flexibility and ease, leveraging advanced and predictive analytics techniques without complicated data modeling. As it is hosted on the OpenText Cloud and supported by experts from OpenText Managed Cloud Services, businesses avoid the time and expense of on-premises hardware and the need for expensive personnel with specialized knowledge.

Big Data Analytics is a complete advanced analytics managed cloud service combining advanced analytics software, maintenance, and cloud management, plus professional and learning services to accelerate Big Data initiatives. With this new offering, the power of Big Data analytics is now available to business users and analysts in marketing, financial, and operational functions, driving better understanding of customers, markets and operations to deliver more targeted campaigns, create more relevant products and offers, or discover opportunities for performance improvements

Why Big Data Analytics?

  • Fast time-to-value: Managed Cloud Service deployment accelerates implementation while the visual interface enables business users to quickly blend and analyze all data for better, more accurate results.
  • Powerful capabilities: Versatile data input and data engineering techniques, coupled with advanced and predictive analytic algorithms and flexible output options.
  • Reduced IT investment: Backed by OpenText Cloud experts, minimizing work for the IT department and eliminating expensive on-premises hardware and associated staff.

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Data Analytics in the Cloud

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