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2-6101 Working with BIRT Report Designer

Duration: 4 days

This course is offered at Enterprise World in Toronto, Canada. Check here for more information. For other public classes, please scroll to the bottom of this page.

This BIRT training course develops the skills needed to build reports using the BIRT Report Designer, an open-source reporting tool built on Eclipse. The course is essential for report developers who want to be immediately productive with the BIRT Report Designer, and want an exhaustive overview of the product's powerful features. Through presentations, demonstrations, and exercises, students are introduced to the design tools and basic reporting concepts, then progressively explore more advanced features. Students create reports that range from simple listing reports to complex reports using grouping, report parameters, multiple master pages, hyperlinks, and data from a variety of data source types.

This is a highly interactive, instructor led class providing many opportunities for students to ask questions, explore new areas, and receive help from the instructor as they work through the exercises.

By the end of this four-day training, students will have mastered the skills to create a wide variety of reports, simple and sophisticated, using the graphical tools of BIRT Report Designer. Each student receives a workbook, which contains all the exercises students will complete in class.


  • Orientation and creating your first report
  • Formatting a report
  • Sorting, grouping, and aggregating data
  • Creating reports that use parameters
  • Writing expressions
  • Building a report that contains subreports
  • Connecting to JDBC, text, and XML data sources
  • Joining data sets
  • Creating charts
  • Designing a multipage report
  • Designing master pages
  • Creating hyperlinks
  • Adding interactive features to a chart
  • Creating and using libraries
  • Creating and using templates
  • Customizing reports and charts using JavaScript
  • Debugging JavaScript


Developers and Project Managers


None. The course is designed for users who are new to the open source BIRT or Actuate Analytics Designer or have just started using it. A knowledge of JavaScript and/or Java is helpful, but is not required.


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