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3-1112 What's New in DM 10

Duration: 1 Day

eDOCS DM 10 is focused on enhancing the user experience and making it easier for the DM administrator, this version includes several major enhancements as well as some smaller user ones.

This course is intended to cover the new features and enhancements in eDOCS DM 10. We will start by updating DM 5.3.x to DM 10, and upgrading the existing DM library. We will review the new DM Webtop with its new look and feel, and streamlined navigation as well as a quick review on the DM Classic Webtop. This course covers the new Save User settings, the Search menu modification, Hybrid Searches, and the enhanced search capabilities of searching within folders, within the Dynamic View searches and the Microsoft Outlook Search Bar. The new Security Inheritance model will be discussed on how it improves performance in security for Dynamic Views and Records Management. We will use the new eDOCS DM Management Studio to manage an individual DM Server, a cluster of DM Servers, search indexes, and the DM libraries. It has incorporated the role based security for granular control.


  • Install DM Server, DM Web Server and DM Management Studio
  • Upgrade from eDOCS DM 5.3.1 to eDOCS DM10
  • Tour and use the new DM Management Studio
  • Use the new DM Webtop

On Completion of this course, participants should be able to:

  • Describe the new eDOCS DM features
  • Install DM Server and DM Web Server
  • Upgrade the DM Libraries
  • Upgrade the Existing Library Data to DM 10
  • Use the new DM Webtop
  • Install DM Extensions
  • Install and use DM Management Studio
  • Use the new Profile and Search forms
  • Describe how the new Security Inheritance Model works
  • Use the enhanced Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint footers


Intermediate Administrators


  • 3-1115 – Implementing Document Management using DM v5.3.x
  • or one year Field Experience with eDOCS DM Administration


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