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3-3314 OpenText Tempo Social Administration v8.2

Duration: 3 Days

This course demonstrates how to create and configure online communities and to enhance web sites to launch products, brands, and campaigns. It provides tools for delivering social applications, such as blogs, ratings, reviews, tagging, forums, video galleries, podcasts, and event management to name a few in order to meet the expectations of public-facing web sites and portals from which user participation is required.

The course begins with an overview of the OpenText Tempo Social product and goes through the procedures to implement the different Community Applications and Services. Working closely with OpenText Portal, they then learn how to integrate the additional capabilities that Social Communities provides, including working with remote objects, different application types and mappings, and setting up Community Application Portlets (such as blogs, wikis, forums, photos, podcasts, presentations, comments, tagging, among others). Also, the participants are introduced to the use of the new Workspaces to administer Social Communities and learn about moderation, templates and access policies.


  • Learn to implement and administer OpenText Tempo Social using highly accessible and scalable communication techniques to turn communication into an interactive, productive and engaging dialogue.

Course Objectives: On Completion of this course, participants should be able to:

  • Describe the concepts and perform the procedures required to configure and administer OpenText Tempo Social using Tempo Social Workspaces
  • Review the installation and configuration of OpenText Tempo Social
  • Troubleshoot OpenText Tempo Social installation issues
  • Define and identify the different work areas and functionality of OpenText Tempo Social Workspaces Console
  • Use the Workspaces Console to create Domains and Sites
  • Create site templates
  • Create and manage different User Profiles
  • Work with Community Application (Forums, Blogs, Wikis, etc.)
  • Define and implement Moderation
  • Define and implement the different Site permissions
  • Implement Archiving
  • Use the Social Palette Tool to modify the site’s content and look & feel in preview mode (In-context editing)


System Administrators


  • Familiarity with social and web applications.
  • Basic understanding of OpenText Portal is desirable.


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