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3-4203 OpenText MBPM 9.x Administration

Duration: 1 day

After completion of the one day instructor led training, the student will have a good level of hands-on installation and administrative experience while being able to articulate and recognize the various components of the MBPM architecture.

Specific outcomes include:

  • Ability to identify and articulate the MBPM architecture
  • Ability to manage the MBPM implementation via the MBPM Administrative Tools

Day 1

  • Class Introductions
    • Course Objectives, Content & Timing
    • Setting Student Objectives
  • MBPM Key Concepts and Architecture
    • MBPM 9 Terminology and Concepts
    • Standard MBPM 9 Architecture
    • Best Practices for Optimal Performance
    • MBPM 9 Installation
  • Managing MBPM Named Users
    • Introduction to the MBPM Administrative Tools
    • Default MBPM Named User
    • Creating MBPM Named Users
    • MBPM Named User Details
  • Managing MBPM Group Roles and Permissions
    • Default MBPM Group Roles
    • Role Permissions
    • Deployment Services
    • Deploying Project(s)
    • Assigning Group Roles to Users
  • MBPM Process Engine and Database Log Messages
    • Accessing Alert and Error Messages
    • Analyzing and Articulate the Alert and Error Messages
  • Managing the MBPM Repository
    • Basic and Advanced System Settings
    • Project Versions
    • Maintaining Connections
    • Configuring Start Groups
    • Process Folder Administration
  • MBPM Authentication Administration
    • Authentication Scripts
    • SAP (Server Authentication Providers)
    • SSO (Single Sign On) for the Metastorm BPM Users and Designer
  • MBPM Process Engine and Deployment Services
    • Identifying Register Services
    • Removing and Adding Services
    • Unattended Deployments


This course is targeted for MBPM Administrators, System Administrators and/or MBPM Developers who will be responsible for day to day administration of the MBPM implementation.


It is recommended that attendees have experience with MBPM fundamental concepts, terminology, Internet Information Services (IIS 7.x), Microsoft Windows 2008 system administration and database administration.


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Per Student at Open Text Site € - Germany  700.00 
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Per Student at Open Text Site GBP  575.00 
Per Student at Open Text Site SGD  800.00 
Per Student at Open Text Site USD  895.00 

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