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4-3427 Developing Content Management Applications w/Web Experience Management v10.5

Duration: 4 Days

This four day course is intended for individuals responsible for the design and development of a comprehensive content management and delivery web application. The course begins with the identification of the development frameworks within the management and delivery components of the Web Experience Management architecture. Students will examine content management concepts including information modeling and content type design, construction of advanced workflow scenarios, and designing project structures with robust authorization capabilities. Students will also investigate presentation management (content delivery) concepts such as dynamic modules, site and page templates, components and regions, site and channel layout, page creation, themes, display views and site cache control.

Necessary skills needed to create web sites and pages include HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JSTL, Java Beans and XML. An understanding of Java programming and databases is needed for working with content management and delivery applications.


  • Introduction to the Web Experience Management architecture
  • Specific task-driven activities for site developers and architects
  • New In-Context Editing Features
  • Development of new Site using the new out-of-the-box Innovate Site

On completion of this course, participants should be able to:

  • Content Type modeling and definition using the Content Type Modeler
  • Controlling the content contribution and editing processes
  • Advanced control of Content Management process through extensibility features
  • Definition of projects and role-based security within Web Experience Management
  • Creating sites, channels in the Content Workspace
  • Advanced Workflow concepts within Web Experience Management
  • Use the Workflow Modeler to manage a content based process
  • Implement advanced Workflow extensibility features
  • Dynamic Site & Dynamic Portal concepts
  • Basic Content Presentation Principles
  • Site Template & Page Templates
  • Creating Regions and Components
  • Locked and Unlocked Regions
  • Working with the Floating menu
  • New Channel Page Creation
  • New Item Page Creation
  • Advanced Content Presentation features
  • Themes
  • Page Layouts & Region Layouts
  • Display Views
  • Caching


Application Architects, Content Management Specialists, Enterprise Application and Site Developers


  • Necessary skills include understanding and using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JSTL, Java Beans and XML with respect to the creation of web sites and pages. An understanding of Java programming and databases is needed for working with content management and delivery applications.


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