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3-3423 What’s New in Web Experience Management v8.1 (formerly3345)

Duration: 1 Day

This course teaches business users, developers and administrators who have prior experience with Vignette Content Management v7 the essential changes in terminology, the functions and interfaces of Web Experience Management v8.1. Students learn to navigate the new Content Workspaces interface and use the enhanced Management Console.

This course includes instructor led activities and demonstration of Web Experience Management software and its tools such as the Content Workspaces and In-context Editing.


  • Introduction to the new Content Workspaces user interface
  • ­
  • New In-Context Editing Features
  • ­
  • Activities and demonstrations utilizing the new out-of-the-box Sample Site

On completion of this course, participants should be able to:

  • Define the various terminology changes from previous versions of VCM
  • Use the new Content Workspaces and Preview Stage
  • Use the updated In-Context Editing features
  • Clone a new site
  • Define the new compatibility modes


Business users, developers, system administrators.


Familiarity with Vignette Content Management 7.5 or 7.6.


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Per Student at Open Text Site AUD  800.00 
Per Student Online USD  895.00 

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