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2-0105 Trainer Workshop (formerly 144)

Duration: 2 days

In this two-day workshop, the instructor and students review key components of the Knowledge Fundamentals course from an instructor's perspective, address the Content Server changes, and discuss both the best strategies for presenting the information to users and the more difficult concepts that instructors need to know.

At OpenText, we understand the importance of learning needs and their direct relation to user adoption. Participants will learn what factors to consider when formulating a training plan, and will prepare a training needs assessment followed by creating lesson plans for various user groups. Further, you will learn best practices for learning methodologies and presenting material to your audience.

Take-a-ways from this valuable workshop include: the latest Knowledge Fundamentals course manual with instructor notes, a quick reference guide, lesson plans for various audiences, and a set of hand-outs covering topics from your classroom set-up to adult learning techniques.


Knowledge Managers and all End-Users who want to develop the ability to deliver the material within their organization.


101 Knowledge Fundamentals or 1-0104-dL Content Server Knowledge Fundamentals v10


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Per Student at Open Text Site AUD  1,600.00 
Per Student at Open Text Site CHF  2,300.00 
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Per Student at Open Text Site USD  1,790.00 
Per Course at Customer Site USD  9,000.00 

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Jan 05, 2017  On-site  Trainer W/S  English  Ottawa, ON - OpenText 1,790.00  Add to Cart