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3-1202 Implementing Open Text eDOCS Webtop (v6.x)(formerly 3071)

Duration: 4 days

Open Text eDOCS Webtop provides organizations with a feature-rich Web-based interface to structured and unstructured data sources and applications, promoting Enterprise agility, and enabling the entire organization to be flexible and to react quickly to changing market conditions. Building on core technologies, eDOCS Webtop provides a single point of access to all business-critical information and resources.

This four-day course is a combination of courses 1071 - Using Open Text eDOCS Webtop and 3070 - Open Text eDOCS Webtop Installation, Configuration and Administration. It is aimed at administrators and implementers responsible for the installation, configuration, and maintenance of the eDOCS Webtop environment or Project Managers who need to understand the full capabilities, scalability, and power of eDOCS Webtop and covers the user experience, installation and administration of eDOCS Webtop.

On completion of this course, participants should be able to:

  • Describe the overall features of eDOCS Webtop
  • Set user credentials and preferences
  • Use eDOCS Webtop search features, quick searches, and search resources
  • Describe the eDOCS Webtop architecture and its components
  • Describe the pre-installation requirements for eDOCS Webtop
  • Use database authentication to allow for external users to log on to eDOCS Webtop
  • Install eDOCS Webtop (including HCS)
  • Describe additional installation environment considerations
  • Create custom user profiles so that different user groups are each given a unique set of default preferences when logging on to eDOCS Webtop
  • Explain eDOCS Webtop software and hardware architecture in multiple server environments
  • Use HCS Utilities
  • Use the eDOCS Webtop Administration Tools
  • Build User Pages with the User Page Wizard
  • Create folders, bookmarks, references to local documents, and other eDOCS Webtop content
  • Create and Manage Users and Communities
  • Build Community Pages
  • Use Repository Import and Export
  • Work with e-Clip and Me-Clip Plug ins
  • Configure eDOCS Messaging using Messaging Rules
  • Enable and Configure Searching within eDOCS Webtop
  • Describe and use Security features available within eDOCS Webtop
  • Audience

    Intermediate to Advanced Administrators


    Working knowledge of Windows Server Administration, Familiarity with web server administration


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