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3-1135 Implementing Document Management using DM (v6.x)(formerly 3035)

Duration: 5 days

This course is intended for new DM administrators, integrators or consultants intending to deploy and customize a document management system based on DM. This five-day course covers the generation of a DM Library, installing DM Server, DM Web Server, application integration and client options, and performing Library Maintenance. It also covers basic customization of the DM Webtop, and the use of the client interfaces: DM Webtop and DM Extensions (Windows Explorer DM Extension and Microsoft Outlook DM Extension). No previous experience with eDOCS Document Management products is required.

On completion of this course, participants should be able to:

  • Use the DM Webtop to create, retrieve and manage documents within the DM Library.
  • Use the Windows Explorer/Microsoft Outlook DM Extensions to create, retrieve and manage documents within the DM Library.
  • Describe DM Technology and Architecture.
  • Install DM Server, DM Web Server, and clients.
  • Generate and Maintain a DM Library.
  • Use the Import Tools, Storage Management and other Utilities.
  • Describe and Implement Security for the Database and Document Server.
  • Use DM Designer to modify forms and the data dictionary.
  • Set DM Server properties.
  • Use DM Server and DM Web Server customization and optimization options.
  • Setup the DM Indexer for use with the DM Server and the DM Web Server.
  • Customize DM Webtop using ASP and HTML forms.
  • Configure Application Integration using the Interceptor.
  • Use the DM Client Configuration Utility.
  • Create Deployment Packages and Custom Components.


Beginner to Intermediate Administrators.


Working knowledge of:

  • MS Windows 2000/2003
  • Networks
  • SQL databases


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