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3-1115 Implementing Document Management using eDOCS DM v10

Duration: 5 days

This course is designed to provide participants with the skills they need to be successful implementing eDOCS DM. Participants receive a detailed overview of the technology and architecture of eDOCS DM. They will be able to install and configure the DM Server, DM Web Server, DM Management Studio, and generate Libraries for the storage of documents. Participants will also use DM Designer to design customized profile and search forms, as well as customize the DM database. They will integrate and configure applications to create and save documents. Also, using the eDOCS DM Management Studio they will configure the DM servers, DM Libraries, and DM Indexes to enable the full-text indexing of documents. Furthermore, they learn to configure Dynamic Views, configure user settings using the Client Deployment Utility, and create MSI scripts for DM extensions installation.


  • Configure and maintain DM Libraries
  • Integrate applications
  • Customize the Profile / Search forms and SQL database with DM Designer
  • Use DM Management Studio to configure the DM Servers, DM Libraries, and DM Indexes
  • Configure Dynamic Views
  • Create MSI Scripts for DM Extensions installation

On completion of this course, participants should be able to:

  • Describe DM technology and architecture
  • Install DM Server, DM Web Server, DM Management Studio, and DM Extensions
  • Generate and maintain a DM Library
  • Use the Database and Document Import tools
  • Use Storage Management and other utilities
  • Use DM Designer to modify forms and the DM database
  • Configure the DM Indexer
  • Use DM Management Studio
  • Configure Dynamic Views
  • Configure Client Deployment Utility
  • Use the DM Webtop, Windows Explorer/Microsoft Outlook DM Extensions to create, retrieve and manage documents within the DM Library


System and Network Administrators, Database Administrators, and Help Desk staff.


  • Experience with MS Windows
  • Experience with Networks
  • Working Knowledge of SQL databases
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