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2-0113 Workflow Design v10.5 SP1

Duration: 3 days

The Workflow Design course provides users with a complete understanding of Content Server's Workflow Design tool. Through a series of lectures and exercises, students will create, initiate and manage many different types of Workflows.


  • Design automated business processes
  • Setting up a Workflow Map and a Work package
  • Managing Workflow instances
  • Understand how to configure the Content Server Item Handler step so that it executes properly

On completion of this course, participants should be able to:

  • Create Workflow Maps
  • Manage Workflow instances
  • Understand the fundamentals of automating a business process
  • Create advanced routing Workflows
  • Use advanced user assignment options
  • Use loopbacks and sub-Workflows
  • Use the Process step
  • Use the Item Handler step to automatically impact Content Server items by:
    • creating new folder structures
    • adding new versions to documents
    • moving and copying items
    • exchanging information between Workflow attributes and Category attributes


User and Administrator


  • 1-0101 Knowledge Fundamentals
  • 6-5200 Business Process Methodology Workshop (optional)


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