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Thesaurus Database Administration

Duration: 1 day

This training course will detail how to define, create, and maintain a Thesaurus database plus configure Webtop TM and Webtop.

In this workshop, you will understand what a thesaurus does and how it functions within a Collections Server application database. It outlines the steps for creating a thesaurus, configuring the different thesaurus controls, entering and editing thesaurus terms, and configuring Webtop TM and Webtop for the different thesaurus features. It also describes how to define a multi-lingual thesaurus.


The administrator responsible for maintaining the Collections Server software and/or the application databases.



This course covers:

  • Introduction,
  • Steps to Implement a Thesaurus,
  • Define Thesauri in TM,
  • Configure Thesaurus Control,
  • Thesaurus Term Entry & Editing,
  • Webtop TM and Webtop Configuration,
  • Define a Multi-Lingual Thesaurus.

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