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Quickstart Database Administration

Duration: 5 days

This course covers an overview of database administration tasks, creating a Collections Server database, the structure of the database, data loading and security issues. It covers the basics of querying and displaying data in FQM. It explains how to create and use command procedures for data retrieval, updating the database or for reporting purposes.

With Quickstart Database Administration, we can bring the prerequisite knowledge as well as the steps to create and maintain a Collections Server database in order for you to become a Collections Server DBA in a single 5-day workshop!

Quickstart Database Administration covers the following topics:

  • Overview
  • Database Utilities
  • Creating a Collections Server Database
  • ADM Introduction
  • Record Styles
  • Fields
  • Search Control Sets
  • Data Validation
  • SDM Introduction
  • Complex SDM Design
  • Indexes
  • Journals
  • UDM Introduction
  • Views
  • Security
  • Data Loading
  • Introducing FQM
  • Text Retrieval in FQM
  • Displaying Data in FQM
  • Joining Multiple Records in FQM
  • Introduction to Command Procedures
  • Using Variables in Procs
  • Writing More Complex Procs
  • Manipulating Database Values
  • Working with Files


The DBA who is new to Open Text Collections Server, and needs to know the core features of the product.




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