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  • Information, the new currency making companies successful in a digital world

    Marc van der Zon

    We’ve all been on the receiving end of information requests, where organizations demand more and more (personal) data to strengthen their customer profiling objectives. “More accurate information will enable us to serve you better.”


    Organizations are constantly trying to understand the information they own and battling to use it to drive more business and/or better customer service. Those seemingly endless Big Data projects spring to mind. Projects that, in my opinion, will never be compl...

  • Meet OpenText at Gartner PCC in London, 15-16th September

    George Harot


    OpenText is proud to be a premier sponsor of the Gartner Portals, Content and Collaboration Summit in London, 15-16th September. We are ready to fully embrace this year’s theme, “Engage, Collaborate, Innovate - Thriving in a Digital Enterprise.”  

    OpenText will be talking about digital transformation - how companies can create a “Digital First World” and transform their business to accelerate innovation and generate competitive advantage.

    On the main stage following the keynotes, Lubor Ptace...

  • Making ECM Easy: Accelerate User Adoption and Productivity

    Cameron Brennan

    Realizing your new ECM’s projected Return on Investment—and other Information Governance benefits—is very dependent on how quickly your users start adopting the new system. Often times, your people have been doing their jobs without this new system for many years, and now you need to convince them that they “need” to make a change. As we have all learned over the years, people really don’t like change. Even if they aren’t thrilled with the current ways of doing things, at least they know how to...

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