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  • New Forrester Report Cites OpenText as having “the broadest ECM backbone for enterprise applications”

    Alison Clarke

    The latest ECM analysis from highly respected Forrester Research has been released, and OpenText has been recognized as a leader in their evaluation of the most significant ECM software providers.

    Now, that’s always great news; our ECM solutions are consistently ranked at, or near, the top in every analyst’s reports, and we work very hard to ensure our offerings deserve that designation. But this one’s different. What’s special about this Forrester ranking for me and the rest of the ECM team her...

  • Top 3 Trends for Strong User Adoption

    Lynn Elwood

    One of the greatest pleasures in my job is when I get to meet with customers and hear how they are implementing our solutions to drive business value in their organization.   As we have recently completed our worldwide Innovation Tour, I was privileged to meet with several of our customers in different regions of the world and to be inspired by their stories.  One of the common topics I heard our customers speaking to each other about is User Adoption and the change management that comes with im...

  • Achieving ROI from Enterprise Archiving: Part 3 - IntensifyingPressurefor Compliance

    Greg Clark

    Meeting organizational, legal, and regulatory compliance obligations is a direct advantage of enterprise archiving. Your notion of compliance may differ based on your market, geographic regions where you do business, and—if you are considering adding cloud into your information management strategy—compliance even touches the physical location where you archive your corporate content.


    Organizational Compliance

    Even if your organization is not bound by the same regulations as industries such as...

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