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  • Time for a new Laptop

    George Harot

    I'm in the market for a new laptop.  My current home model is six years old and the Windows XP OS runs like an old dog. It’s got a 250 GB HDD that is so full I can't even defrag it.  It's only used for personal email, Office documents and surfing the net, so I guess I could spend a bit of time and effort going through six years-worth of old documents, files and emails, deleting those that are no longer needed, backing up, wiping, reinstalling Windows, and give the thing a fresh start.  

    But th...

  • Top 5 ECM Activities at Enterprise World

    George Harot

    Enterprise World brings people together and sparks off planned and unplanned opportunities.  It’s a place where new acquaintances, friends and mentors can be made because at Enterprise World, everyone there shares a commonality of purpose and interest.  Face to face networking connects you with new people and ideas that will expand your thinking and your social networks in the months and years to come.

    The keynotes and breakout sessions enable you to learn what you know you need to know - b...

  • Information, the new currency making companies successful in a digital world

    Marc van der Zon

    We’ve all been on the receiving end of information requests, where organizations demand more and more (personal) data to strengthen their customer profiling objectives. “More accurate information will enable us to serve you better.”


    Organizations are constantly trying to understand the information they own and battling to use it to drive more business and/or better customer service. Those seemingly endless Big Data projects spring to mind. Projects that, in my opinion, will never be compl...

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