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  • The Power of Controlled Content in a Networked World

    Kimberly Edwards

    According to Gartner, enterprise data will grow 650 percent in the next five years, while IDC argues that the world's information now doubles about every year and a half. When I hear statistics like this, terms such as Contentnado and Contentaggeddon come to my mind. (You may have guessed, yes I am a weather fan)  What also comes to mind when I think about the amount of content that is being created, stored and shared across the web, in the cloud, on premise, thumb drives etc. are questions su...

  • Modernize to Survive: e-Government Trends and Transformations

    Michelle Carlton

    This is an excerpt from e-Government or Out of Government, the new book by Mark J. Barrenechea, President and CEO of OpenText, and Tom Jenkins, Chairman of OpenText. Get your complimentary copy of the full book here .

    The digital revolution is transforming politics and the nature of government. From education improvement and tax collection to better health care systems and job creation, technology is putting pressure on governments to make all aspects of government more accessible. Citi...

  • Information Governance in the Energy Sector: Improving OperationalExcellence in Asset Management

    Marc Diefenbruch

    This post is part of our blog series that explores how Information Governance is deliver value to utilities, mining and oil and gas companies, in their core business processes. Information Governance is more than just "records management": It is a means to manage risk, ensure HSE and regulator compliance, and achieve operational excellence and competitive advantage from your information.


    When it comes to capital-intensive assets such as power plants, oil rigs, or manufacturing facilities, you...

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