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  • Achieving ROI from Enterprise Archiving: Part 3 - IntensifyingPressurefor Compliance

    Greg Clark

    Meeting organizational, legal, and regulatory compliance obligations is a direct advantage of enterprise archiving. Your notion of compliance may differ based on your market, geographic regions where you do business, and—if you are considering adding cloud into your information management strategy—compliance even touches the physical location where you archive your corporate content.


    Organizational Compliance

    Even if your organization is not bound by the same regulations as industries such as...

  • Achieving ROI from Enterprise Archiving: Part 2 – The Rush to the Cloud

    Greg Clark

    As organizations look to stem the tide of content growth and the ever-increasing sources to manage, they have been taking advantage of the economic and operational benefits of cloud solutions. It’s becoming commonplace to move email systems, enterprise archives, and even CRM applications to the cloud.

    • Microsoft estimates nearly 1 in 5 Exchange mailboxes will be in the cloud with Office365™
    • 32% of corporations will archive in the cloud


    Clearly this trend is here to stay and growing. Whet...

  • Achieving ROI from Enterprise Archiving: Part 1

    Greg Clark

    Part 1 of 3: The Evolution of Archiving


    Email Management

    For years, organizations have been archiving email in order to offload expensive storage, improve performance, and reduce legal risks and the potential for fines stemming from non-compliance. Email archiving has been primarily deployed following two methodologies: envelope journaling to capture unaltered copies of corporate email and ensure 100 percent legal compliance, and mailbox management, which is selective archiving/stubbing w...

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