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  • Innovating with Valued Partners: Microsoft and SAP

    Piyush Patel

    At the recent Microsoft SharePoint Conference in Las Vegas, OpenText and our key global partners Microsoft and SAP unveiled a new integration solution: OpenText Microsoft SharePoint Services (SPS) for Extended ECM for SAP Solutions. This solution is uniquely endorsed by Microsoft and SAP to help deliver interoperability, collaboration and productivity for governance and compliance assurance.

     “The Power of 3” great companies working together has delivered this impactful solution that enables Sh...

  • Create a better LinkedIn profile inspired by ECM technology

    Jamie Pepper

    If you have ever tried creating a portfolio webpage to go along with an online personal website or resume, the addition of the portfolio feature to LinkedIn is clearly a welcome addition to an already solid social networking platform.

    While I've been watching people take different approaches to using the portfolio feature on LinkedIn, there is something that the OpenText ECM solution does that should be something you consider as you're building out your own portfolio.

    Although it may seem cou...

  • The Weight of Information

    George Harot


    When I get on the train each morning I’m carrying a Windows laptop, an Apple iPad, an iPhone (personal phone) and a Blackberry (workphone). In the course of a 50 minute train ride I’ll normally end up using 2 or 3 of those devices, because each holds some information, app or some ability that the other doesn’t. The phones have network capability, the iPad has a bigger screen for reading from, the laptop has all my work in progress stored locally. So I sw...

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