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  • My first Enterprise World. Will I be seeing you there?

    Christine Musil

    As a relatively new OpenText employee–my team and I came over in the IGC acquisition–the past few months have been my first exposure to Enterprise World from the host side of the table, and it’s been a real eye-opener. For starters, I just want to say how impressed I am at the energy, care, and creativity invested by all the groups involved in its planning. Kudos to everyone involved!

    With the event itself rapidly approaching, it also struck me that, although I’ve done extensive planning around ...

  • Want to Test-Drive OpenText Content Suite 16? Join the Beta Program!

    Alison Clarke

    Our vision is simple—create ECM solutions focused on user adoption and enterprise success. And to continue accelerating our products forward, we need input from you—our customers and partners.

    The OpenText Content Suite 16 Beta Program offers early access to the exciting updates coming in this innovative, new release. ECM is a foundational technology in the Digital Workplace. Content Suite 16 is all about personal productivity, seamless collaboration and integration with business process. This...

  • Enterprise World Training: Prepare Yourself for the Next Five Years

    George Harot

    A long, long time ago, someone told me that everything you know now will be useless in five years. I remember it distinctly because I, in my youthful naiveté, just couldn’t believe it to be true. While it still seems a tad over-simplistic, as the years have rolled by and I look back on my own career, I can see that maybe it wasn't that far wide of the mark.

    Way back in the ‘80s, I trained for four years to become a fully certified draughtsman. With Rotring pen and stencils in hand, I learned a v...

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