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  • Compliance violations for faxing and Windows Server 2003 users

    Amy Campos

    If your organization or users are still using Windows Server 2003 after July 14, 2015, be prepared for the consequences.  Since Microsoft will end support for Windows Server 2003 this month, anyone still using Windows Server 2003 is at risk of a security and exposure breach.  Malware and cyber threats can go undetected in unsupported operating systems, which alone is a huge risk for organizations.

    However, did you know that these risks also put an organization in danger of non-compliance with se...

  • More States Likely to Mandate Encryption of Data

    Scott Mitchell

    Recently some very large healthcare data breaches have taken place; I mentioned a few of them on this blog. As we continue witnessing the fallout from these incidents, it’s become apparent how rarely federal agencies penalize organizations for extreme data breaches. The trend’s impacted individual states too. Regarding personal healthcare information, many states don’t even have regulations that penalize organizations for data breaches.

    That’s changing now and Montana is leading the charge. Th...

  • OpenText is Accelerating Healthcare Interoperability at HIMSS 15

    Amy Campos

    We can’t wait to go to HIMSS 2015 in Chicago. As the event for technology and innovation in healthcare we couldn’t think of a better place to preview our latest fax solution to help healthcare professionals redefine the way they exchange their essential digital information.

    We know that many organizations rely on integrated, electronic fax as their primary method of exchanging information.  And since these fax integrations are the very core of how EMR information is sent and received, changing...

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