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  • OpenText Fax Solutions are Off the Hook! (Even Hillary Clinton could use it)

    Amy Campos

    Did you catch this exchange between Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin?  Hillary was getting a little frustrated, trying to fax with a fax machine. 

         Huma Abedin: (Subject: can you hang up the fax line, they will call again and try fax)
         Hillary Clinton: I thought it was supposed to be off hook to work?
         Huma Abedin: Yes but hang up one more time. So they can reestablish the line.
         Hillary Clinton: I did.
         Huma Abedin: Just pick up phone and hang it up. And leave it hung up.

  • Compliance violations for faxing and Windows Server 2003 users

    Amy Campos

    If your organization or users are still using Windows Server 2003 after July 14, 2015, be prepared for the consequences.  Since Microsoft will end support for Windows Server 2003 this month, anyone still using Windows Server 2003 is at risk of a security and exposure breach.  Malware and cyber threats can go undetected in unsupported operating systems, which alone is a huge risk for organizations.

    However, did you know that these risks also put an organization in danger of non-compliance with se...

  • OpenText and SAP team up to provide global B2B Managed Services

    Greg Horton

    For twenty years, OpenText has been a close partner of SAP. In fact, we won an SAP Pinnacle Award the last 8 years in a row.  This year, OpenText was recognized as a SAP Pinnacle Awards 2015 Winner “Solution Extension Partner of the Year” in category Value Creation. So with a successful partnership like that – what do you do to improve it?

    Extend it!

    SAP and OpenText have announced an extension to this already successful partnership to include OpenText B2B Managed Services. OpenText B2B Manage...

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