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  • Cloud Fax Services Make Administration Easy

    Scott Mitchell

    Administering enterprise cloud faxing in simple fashion is another one of the messaging service's benefits. In fact a leading enterprise-class cloud fax service provider should offer a set of unique features that make administration easy to implement and conduct.

    Let's say you're an administrator for an organization that's decided to incorporate cloud fax into its messaging strategy. Obviously you're going to spell out the unique fax feature requirements according to your enterprise's standard...

  • Choosing the right fax server: Security, privacy and compliance

    Amy Campos

    Organizations today face a multitude of compliance directives and thus their investments in a fax solution must be able to demonstrate tangible capabilities that contribute to the security and privacy of their faxes and associated data. Many businesses that rely on fax turn to fax servers to provide top-notch security and privacy of fax documents.

    Faxing, by its nature, is reasonably secure (the point-to-point transmission of a fax over a secure PSTN) and is highly resistant to tampering, interc...

  • Cloud Fax Takes Information Management to the Next Level

    Scott Mitchell

    To this point we’ve discussed the key benefits of enterprise fax services in general – notably their ability to enable cost effective on-demand faxing while providing high degrees of flexibility and scalability. There are however specific features beyond these general descriptions worth mentioning. These features speak primarily to how both individual users and business systems leverage fax technology to optimize enterprise information management.

    From an individual user perspective, integrati...

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