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  • Streamlining Prescription Fulfillment with Automatic Capture Technology

    Scott Mitchell

    Many retail pharmacies utilize fax documents as part of their prescription fulfilment processes. With that, typical processing delays associated with manually handling incoming fax documents and rekeying the embedded information into backend systems arise regularly. Based on the last blog post, we know automatic capture technology can be very beneficial here, particularly in receiving inbound prescription fulfillment forms from various fax input sources in multiple formats.

    Yet there are othe...

  • Integrating Automatic Capture with Enterprise Fax Deployment Models

    Scott Mitchell

    When it comes to initiating critical business processes, paper based faxing remains a key driver within many industries. Organizations utilize paper based faxing as a simple, ubiquitous mechanism for transacting business. However they’re also experiencing slow business cycle times that are negatively impacting profitability.

    In the last blog post we discussed automatic capture technology’s ability to turn incoming fax documents into actionable data. Now many organizations are automating paper...

  • Fax-to-Capture: Transitioning from Documents to Data

    Scott Mitchell

    While today’s worker is printing less, paper documents continue to exist within organizations. In fact, many enterprises are still transacting large amounts of business through paper based faxing. As a result they’re employing workers to manually handle inbound fax documents, and it’s costing a lot of money and time. The US, for example, spends $25-35 billion dollars per year filing, storing and retrieving paper*. Coincidently, this is all taking place in an era that’s trying to emphasize paper...

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