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  • Fax to the rescue!

    Greg Horton

    This coverage of the Asian Games 2014 says that with North Korean websites blocked in South Korea, reporters from there are turning to fax to file their stories.  Once again - fax proves to be a ubiquitous technology that comes through in pinch.

    Go Fax! 

  • Don’t let document delivery be the bottleneck in workflow processes

    Amy Campos

    Enterprises invest in highly sophisticated information systems to harness data and information within a company. Back-office automation systems, such as ERP, ECM, vertical and various other business applications, have provided a distinct advantage for the companies that deploy them.  These programs are designed to handle everything from a one-to-one communication to massive one-to-many batch-produced documents.  These systems turn data into invoices, purchase orders, delivery confirmations and s...

  • Choosing the right fax server: Production Faxing and Application Integrations

    Amy Campos

    Production Faxing  If you have identified a business process or workflow involving faxes that are generated “automatically” (typically without human involvement), this section is particularly important. Automated faxing, or production faxing, is a term used to describe a means by which the application sends documents to the fax server, and the fax server then delivers the documents reliably as faxes, secure email or both. A fax server that has production fax capabilities should integrate seamle...

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