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  • Rolling in the Deep: Navigating Compliance and Information Exchange

    Janet Luisser


    If you’re managing enterprise information, even if you’re just sending everyday business files in and out of your organization, it’s likely you also have to maintain complex compliance standards. A poll by PricewaterhouseCoopers LLC found that 48% of compliance officers believed they would experience a compliance risk event in the next eighteen months.  Surprisingly, 42% of those surveyed also reported that they rarely leverage resources from IT departments to help them meet compliance requi...

  • Ten Things You Don’t Know About Information Exchange Services

    Janet Luisser

    First of all, what are information exchange services?

    You have heaps of information that you need to be able to quickly and securely transfer in and outside of your firewall, and you’ve learned the hard way that the workarounds and legacy FTP tools just won’t cut it. They’re too unwieldy, too inefficient, and too risky to the security of your business. This is where information exchange services come into play. But what exactly are they?

    Forrester Consulting defines information exchange serv...

  • Healthcare organizations – Isn’t it time get rid of your fax machines?

    Greg Horton

    Each week, healthcare organizations exchange thousands upon thousands of pages of patient- and business-related data. Even with the adoption of electronic medical record (EMR) and other critical health information technology (HIT) systems, the preferred method of information exchange in the healthcare industry remains the fax machine. In the 2012 National Physicians Survey, 63% of respondents stated fax was their primary form of communication.

    The need for fax, especially within the healthcare c...

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