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  • Healthcare Data Breaches Expected to Increase in 2015

    Scott Mitchell

    A recent article in Healthcare Informatics titled “ Report: Healthcare Data Breaches Expected to Increase in 2015 ” covered how Personal Healthcare Information’s (PHI) continued shift towards digital formats will increase the potential for electronic data breaches to occur. What makes it more concerning is penalties stemming from these breaches are expected to be over 5 billion dollars. Then to compound the issue, those inside the healthcare sector aren’t necessarily confident about the protect...

  • Fax to the rescue - again!

    Amy Campos

    Most of us can’t imagine a business day without email.  It’s the lifeline of most communication both inside and outside an organization.  But what happens when you can’t use your email?  That’s what Sony employees and executives are faced with right now, in light of the recent hack to their network and email system.  

    It seems that Sony employees have taken to picking up the phone, handwritten notes and, you guess it  -  fax, as a way to communicate with one another.  Old school, you say? ...

  • It's Secure? Great, but can normal people use it?

    Scott Mitchell

    There was an article in a recent issue of MIT Technology Review about the difficulty of using cryptography software. Cryptography is about protecting and securing electronic information shared between a sender and recipients. But, as the author points out, “Nobody wants cryptography in and of itself. What they want is to communicate how, and with whom, they please, but safely.”

    The article discusses how today’s encryption software is “horrid” to use. Cryptographers tend to focus on how elabora...

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