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  • Healthcare Data Breach Hits Top Insurer

    Scott Mitchell

    It looks like the report was accurate.

    I recently blogged about a Healthcare Informatics article entitled “  Report: Healthcare Data Breaches Expected to Increase in 2015 ”. The article discussed a report stating how Personal Healthcare Information’s (PHI) continued shift towards digital formats will heighten exposure to data breaches.

    Unfortunately the report might be right; according to an article in Health Data Management health insurer Premera Blue Cross was just hit by a “sophisticat...

  • Introducing the Latest Version of the OpenText Connectivity Suite!

    Karin McNair

    Large enterprises face an interesting challenge. Their mission-critical applications run on high-performing IBM mainframes, Linux and UNIX servers, and even AS/400s housed safely and securely in the data center. But these applications are accessed by users on Windows-based PCs, or in some cases expensive UNIX terminals. (The original terminals designed for some mainframe applications were long ago replaced by desktop computers.) Of course, Microsoft Windows was not designed for a mainframe en...

  • Over 3M faxes a month can't be wrong: Hybrid faxing is here!

    Amy Campos

    At OpenText, we pride ourselves on our position as the #1 electronic fax provider for the enterprise.  Between our best-selling on-premises solution (RightFax) and our outstanding fax service (Fax2Mail), OpenText is the undisputed leader in enterprise fax solutions. 

    OpenText is ready to add another trophy to the case:  Hybrid Faxing.  What is hybrid faxing, you ask?  Hybrid faxing combines an on-premises fax server deployed with cloud-based fax service to send and receive faxes.  OpenText provi...

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