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  • Know Your Cloud Fax Service Provider’s Strengths

    Scott Mitchell

    A cloud fax service provider usually has many unique capabilities. There are some questions we should ask EVERY cloud services provider. For example what is the service level agreement they provide? What about their track record with regards to customer base, on-going infrastructure investment and network capacity?

    But even these questions aren’t enough. When vetting an enterprise-class cloud fax service provider “capable” isn’t enough; you want strength in these areas. Some of the specific...

  • Simplify Global IT Support with Cloud Fax

    Scott Mitchell

    Enterprises operating centrally-based IT organizations are usually challenged when it comes to managing that infrastructure across continents. It's a lot to handle because of all the requirements associated with multiple IT resources located in different regions, each with their own hardware, software, telecom and telephone services. Supporting all these variables increases IT budgets while adding management complexity. When enterprise service upgrades are scheduled, this complex mix creates a ...

  • Cloud Fax Services Make Administration Easy

    Scott Mitchell

    Administering enterprise cloud faxing in simple fashion is another one of the messaging service's benefits. In fact a leading enterprise-class cloud fax service provider should offer a set of unique features that make administration easy to implement and conduct.

    Let's say you're an administrator for an organization that's decided to incorporate cloud fax into its messaging strategy. Obviously you're going to spell out the unique fax feature requirements according to your enterprise's standard...

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