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  • Still Faxing? Of course you are!

    Greg Horton

    OpenText recently published an infographic on 9 Reasons Businesses Still Fax. You can see the full size version here .

    The bottom line is that fax still has a unique combination of characteristics that hasn’t fully been replaced. You might find multiple technologies that cover the same 9 reasons – but fax is the one technology that accomplishes all nine.

    I think my favorite characteristic is that fax transmissions are immune to viruses and malware. Because a fax is an image – you can’t...

  • The History of Fax isn’t what I imagined

    Greg Horton

    OpenText recently published an infographic on the history of fax. You can see the full size version here .

    What I found most interesting in doing research for the infographic is that while the original fax technology was created over 150 years ago, it really didn’t become ubiquitous until the late 1970s or early 1980’s– a little more than a decade before the widespread use of email. And while many believed email would completely wipe out fax in a short time, fax remains a readil...

  • Create data without data entry? Is that even possible?

    Greg Horton

    In any typical trading community profile – where there’s a mix of large, medium and small trading partners - the 80/ 20 rule usually applies. 80% of the business is conducted with 20% of the trading partners.  These trading partners are typically those that have already adopted electronic commerce and trading is usually done via EDI, XML or other standardized messages.

    The remaining 80% of the trading community typically accounts for 20% of the transactions. These trading partners are usually ...

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