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  • Healthcare Organizations’ Email Security isn’t Making the Grade

    Scott Mitchell

    So, it looks like a lot of healthcare organizations are flunking email security.

    According to the “state of email trust” survey cited in a recent Forbes magazine article , healthcare organizations “severely lag” when it comes to securing email communications. In fact, the article states that an email, “purportedly sent from a typical health insurance company is, for instance, four times likelier to be fraudulent than an email that claims to be from a social media company.”

    A spokesperson fr...

  • National Signing Day: Fax's Time Honored Tradition

    Scott Mitchell

    I thought last week’s National Signing Day for prospective college football players was interesting. Was it because my alma mater secured the nation’s top recruit? No. Well the program at least locked in a Top 10 recruiting class, right? We were close, but no. I bet you’re asking what the big deal is then. For me, what else about National Signing Day is worth getting excited about?

    Fax. Yes, fax. Fax plays a key role in National Signing Day; high school recruits across the country will use fa...

  • New features: The best birthday present for Secure MFT!

    Jonathan Carroll

    Secure MFT celebrates its 4th birthday this month and what better way to celebrate this occasion but to add a number of awesome new features designed to extend some its core values?

    From the beginning we have designed Secure MFT to be a platform that makes the transferring of files (especially really big ones!) secure, fast and really easy and the recently-released update adds to each of these key areas in awesome ways. (Can you tell I’m excited?)

    Let’s start with secure. From the beginning, Sec...

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