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  • Assessing Cloud Architecture and Fax Performance

    Scott Mitchell

    So, you’ve decided (or been mandated) to migrate fax operations to the cloud?

    It’s a big step, not unlike other IT migrations. You’ll need to understand how the onboarding cloud platform works in conjunction with your desired application; in this case, how your organization will manage faxing in the new cloud environment.

    Whether you’re replacing fax hardware entirely or cloud-enabling aspects of your on-premises fax infrastructure, understand successful implementation depends on how well you...

  • Choosing the right fax server: What is the business need?

    Amy Campos

    Many organizations begin their quest to implement a fax server based on a business need that is driving the project. This goes beyond your boss telling you to "Go out and find us a fax server - stat."

    Usually, you'll be asked, "What is your business need?" but you should also consider, "What is your business pain?"  Understanding the "business pain" is an important first step.  Ask yourself if you have these typical business pains regarding faxing:

    ·         Do I have to reduce costs by eliminating...

  • Top 3 Ways a Virtual Design Center Can Benefit Your Engineering Organization

    Andrew Muzzatti

    So how exactly does Desktop Virtualization apply to engineering groups? What are the benefits? Is it worth the investment? Those are some of the questions that most engineering desktop managers will be asking themselves as they are getting exposed to Desktop Virtualization technologies. Ultimately, it all comes down to one thing: why should you consider building a Virtual Design Center?

    1.) A Virtual Design Center helps you do better engineering, faster

    Virtual desktop technologies radica...

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