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  • Today's Media Management

    John Price

    The average 14-year-old kid will probably create more media by the time I finish this post than I will this year. It’s so simple to create and so necessary to communicate with these days. And therein lies the problem: The technology to create, contribute, and consume rich media has outpaced our ability to manage it.

    In today’s hyper-digital environment, where time is of the essence and the experience is what sells, your customers, partners, and buyers want video, pictures, and informatio...

  • Experience Matters in Omni-Channel Commerce

    John Price

    [This article was also published in CMS Wire.]

    Experience matters in Omni-Channel Commerce, both the Customer Experience and the software ecosystem that supports a buyer’s journey from initial discovery to customer advocate.  Just as shoppers see products on display in physical stores, digital experiences have to provide relevant content and compelling interactions to convert browsing to buying. Connected consumers expect convenience and flexibility across channels whether brick and morta...

  • Forrester Names OpenText as Leader in DAM Wave Report

    John Price

    It's been two years since  Forrester last evaluated the Digital Asset Management marketplace OpenText Media Management is named as a leader in the most recent evaluation. We believe this validates all the hard work that has been done to build one of the world's premiere DAM systems.

    According to the report, "The Forrester WaveTM: Digital Asset Management for Customer Experience, Q4 2014", OpenText Media Management "offers a flexible platform with an impressive list of customer references. Accordin...

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