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    John Price
    NAB 2015.

    This year at NAB, OpenText is demonstrating an example of how integrated and interconnected technologies working together are able to support the Digital Media Supply Chain. OpenText Media Management is an enterprise Digital Asset Management, DAM, system that is an integral part of the core infrastructure for digital media in organizations whether video, publishing, branding, or global marketing campaigns.

    What is this "Digital Media Supply Chain"? For many of the largest compan...

  • Sports on the web – Newer, Better, Global

    Lynn Elwood

    Are you a sports fan?  Are you one of the lucky ones that enjoys sports that are carried on your local station at convenient times, or are you like a growing number of fans that enjoy sports that are carried more often in other countries, on their time zone and not broadcast on local television stations?    Modern sports viewing is now often enabled by strong web experiences, and a growing number of fans are now able to enjoy their favourite sports on the web, at times of their convenience rega...

  • OpenText Celebrates Media Launch in Hollywood Style

    John Price

    The latest release of OpenText’s industry-leading Digital Asset Management Platform was celebrated in style at the W Hollywood Hotel in January. The event was attended by more than 100 people from the Media Industry as well as other OpenText customers.  Nearly all of the major media companies were there, including 20th Century Fox, Disney, Paramount, Technicolor, Hasbro, Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and many more. The celebration was kicked off with some special Hollywood lumina...

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