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  • The Power of Controlled Content in a Networked World

    Kimberly Edwards

    According to Gartner, enterprise data will grow 650 percent in the next five years, while IDC argues that the world's information now doubles about every year and a half. When I hear statistics like this, terms such as Contentnado and Contentaggeddon come to my mind. (You may have guessed, yes I am a weather fan)  What also comes to mind when I think about the amount of content that is being created, stored and shared across the web, in the cloud, on premise, thumb drives etc. are questions su...

  • Top 4 Digital Disruptors

    Michelle Carlton

    The future of information is changing—fast. From the Internet of Things to wearable technology to 3D printing, today’s digital and technological disruptions are transforming the business world.


    “What I see coming over the next five years is like nothing I’ve seen before,” said Mark Barrenechea, OpenText CEO, at a recent event. “Digital disruption is stronger and faster than any technology shift we’ve seen.”


    Barrenechea identified four key disruptors in today’s business world:


    1. Changin...

  • Advocacy: The Bridge between Selling & Buying

    Jonathan Agger

    The impact of the Internet and rise of social media is fueling a customer revolution in both B2C and B2B environments. Companies that don’t have a comprehensive, consistent and rich branding strategy that INCLUDES social media run the risk of undermining their entire sales machine.

    Buyers don’t want to be Sold to!

    OpenText CEO Mark Barrenechea noted in a recent Innovation Tour keynote address, “…customers have completed nearly 60% of their buying journey BEFORE engaging with a vendor’s selling...

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