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  • PBS Adopts OpenText Media Management

    John Price

    A major press announcement at the NAB Show in Las Vegas, "PBS Adopts OpenText Media Management to Support Range of Media Assets," revealed the latest strategy for PBS in managing digital assets for their network of more than 350 member stations. A key part of that strategy is DAM and process management.

    As a public media enterprise, managing and sharing an increasingly rich and complex universe of assets is a growing challenge. We were seeking an asset management system that could meet a broad ra...

  • Standing out and Staying Relevant in the Growing Digital Crowd!

    Kimberly Edwards

    Image courtsey of  Ruslan Enikeev 

    Every day we open our laptops, power up our tablets, turn on our mobile devices and begin the day. We launch a browser and begin to search across a sea of data – just how much data is behind this screen? Well, according to the Netcraft’s January 2014 Web Server Survey there is 861,379,152 websites (over 861 million websites).  That breaks down to 256 million registered domains, with about 108 million hosts serving these 861 million websites – in case you...

  • Irreplaceable Experiences

    Marci Maddox

    Take a moment and reminisce about a time in your life that was truly amazing.  Was it running across the finish line in a marathon?  Or perhaps it was a surprise birthday party or graduation ceremony?    Was that moment of joy captured in a photograph/Instagram, home movie or YouTube video?    If it was not, did you wish it had been so that you could look back a relive that scene for just a moment?    If you are like me, I not only have old, well-worn, faded black and white, some color, photos p...

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