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  • See Big Data Analytics in Action

    Michael Singer

    Not since the mashup of chocolate and peanut butter have people been so excited about two great products that fit great together: Analytics and the Cloud.

    Earlier this month, OpenText announced Big Data Analytics in The Cloud,  an all-in-one software appliance built for business analysts that need to access, blend, explore, and analyze data fast without depending on IT or data experts.

    The need for Big Data Analytics should be obvious. Businesses need to understand their data requirements. T...

  • Mapping a Path to the Cloud

    Lynn Elwood

    You’ve decided to start solving some business problems with cloud and hybrid-cloud systems.  But where do you start?

    Like all new business models, cloud computing should be researched, and then a planned and pragmatic approach should be adopted.  There are many benefits such as agility, cost savings, relief of resource pressure and flexibility, but which areas of the business should be the starting point for a major cloud project?

    Follow the Benefits

    One of the ways to start thinking about ...

  • Analytics in the Cloud: No Hardware, No Coding, No Punch Cards

    Michael Singer

    Data analysis has come a long way. The British Census of 1911 was the first to use automatic data processing with the advent of punch cards that could be sorted by machine. It was also the first census to ask multiple-choice questions, which helped Britain gather and analyze data on various segments, such as the number of carpenters compared to butchers in the country.

    Since then, data analysis has become so ubiquitous that more data is generated online every second today than was stored in ...

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