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  • Business Process – the Future of ECM

    Lubor Ptacek

    For years, enterprise content management (ECM) solutions were adopted primarily for two main use cases. The first was to achieve compliance, and many early adopters of ECM continue to successfully use it to address various regulatory requirements. Compliance provided functionality for records management, archiving, and information governance. A while back I wrote a blog post titled What Features Ensure Compliance? that elaborates on the functionality required for compliance use cases.

    The sec...

  • Treat Contract Management as a Strategic Business Process

    Nikhil Kodkani

    It is well accepted that contracts are at the crux of every business, and the value delivered by underlying contract management systems can have a direct impact on an organization’s top-line revenues, costs and regulatory compliance (see Brian Wick’s recent post, Contract Center: The Hat-Trick of Business Value ).

    Yet organizations often treat contracts simply as important legal documents that, once signed, are saved away in shared folders or content repositories (or even in filing cabin...

  • Contract Center: The Hat-Trick of Business Value

    Brian Wick

    A “hat-trick” is something good that happens in threes, typically three scores in a single game in hockey, soccer (football for those of you outside the U.S.), and cricket (for those really outside the U.S.). Being a bit of a sports fan, this is the first thing I thought of as OpenText launched our Contract Center today. 

    Contract Center is a new contract lifecycle management solution that brings together our Process Suite BPM platform with our Content Server ECM system, and wraps those up i...

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