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  • Too many products? We may have a solution

    Agnes Kolkiewicz

    Have you ever wondered about the context of a specific OpenText solution or navigated our sites to find key integration for a product like Content Server or DAM?  Or perhaps you looked for a quick overview of the B2B integration solutions that recently joined the ranks of our offerings?

    We have dozens and dozens of different products and solutions here at OpenText. That’s a pretty good thing when you consider the breadth and depth of your digital strategy. Whether you are looking to enhance your...

  • Better Customer Experience, Better Everything Else

    Rebecca Graves

    I gave up on a website the other night. I was peeved because I was trying to book two weeks of swim camp for one of my kids this summer. (Their summer camps are laid out in an elaborate spreadsheet that would shame Mary Poppins.) But I had to search and search for what I was looking or, then I had a question I couldn’t find the answer to, and then I wasn’t sure if I was filling out the form for the correct weeks. So forget it. I signed him up somewhere else.

    Why would I give up on that website?...

  • The Discovery Suite and the Rise of Big Content

    Stephen Ludlow

    Today, April 30th, 2014 OpenText announced the General Availability of the Discovery Suite. The Discovery Suite uses the power of search and content analytics to solve problems organizations experience with huge volumes of unstructured content.  A great example of the type of problem that can be solved is Auto-Classification of content, which has become a very hot topic.  Be sure to grab our whitepapers that discuss why it is time to consider Auto-Classification.

    Based on the availability of th...

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