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  • Irreplaceable Experiences

    Marci Maddox

    Take a moment and reminisce about a time in your life that was truly amazing. Was it running across the finish line in a marathon? Or perhaps it was a surprise birthday party or graduation ceremony? Was that moment of joy captured in a photograph/Instagram, home movie or YouTube video? If it was not, did you wish it had been so that you could look back a relive that scene for just a moment? If you are like me, I not only have old, well-worn, faded black and white, some color, photos passed dow...

  • Eliminating Process Friction

    Brian Wick

    The “Impedance Mismatch”

    In electronics, impedance is the measure of electrical resistance with an alternating current (AC). Think of it as the amount of friction in a circuit.  Impedance matching is the practice of adjusting the friction and current flow of an electrical load (your lights, toaster, etc.) to match the impedance with the corresponding power source (wall socket) to “maximize the power transfer” and “minimize signal reflection.”
    So, right now, you are wondering what impedance m...

  • So You Want to Transform Government? Take the Long View

    Patricia Burke

    These days as the Winter Olympics are still top of mind, we are used to watching the top competitors know the outcome of years of work in a matter of minutes.  How different that is from most government environments where dramatic progress—even with disruptive technology—always seems to take much longer.  For Bernard Mazer, who in 2011 began a massive IT transformation initiative designed to save $500 million over ten years at the Department of the Interior, victories are many and perseverance h...

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