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  • Analytics: Go from Good to Great

    Rebecca Graves

    Business analytics began in the 1950s when we created computers that (a) were the size of a small gymnasium and, more importantly, (b) could capture information and find patterns faster than we ever could.

    When the era of big data hit, we made those tools more powerful so we could incorporate external data as well as internal data. We can take analytics even further, though: we can learn from the data we gather and develop new valuable products and services.

    In the 1991 book titled 2020 Vision...

  • Accelerate Your Digital Enterprise: Learn More About OpenText eDOCS At The Innovation Tour

    Karin McNair

    We are living in a Digital First World, and that means that your organization needs 24/7 access to collective information to be able to respond to rapidly changing business needs. Too often though, a side effect of this digital-heavy world is the overwhelming volume of documents that bog down productivity in your organization. When,  according to Gartner, Inc., thirty and forty percent of your time is spent creating, searching for, retrieving, repurposing and organizing documents, having consta...

  • Why Choose the Cloud?

    Rebecca Graves

    Cheaper. Faster. Easier.

    That’s why everyone’s so keen on the cloud. And with benefits like that, it’s no surprise Gartner says in  a couple years, half of an organization’s business information will be in the cloud.

    According to an IDG survey, the  organizations that use cloud services say it has impacted their business in several ways:

    •    Improved IT agility and innovation
    •    Better access to important data
    •    More employee collaboration
    •    Increased need for specialized IT skills

    Of c...

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