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  • Secret Agent Software

    Rebecca Graves

    Oracle, one of today’s top Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and technology vendors, was a bit flip-floppy with its name when it started up in 1977. (No, Gwenyth, they didn’t name it “Orange”.) It started of as “Software Development Laboratories” and then switched to “Relational Software Inc.”, but neither felt right. Then one of their first customers, the CIA, had a project with the code name Oracle…  How cool is that? It’s like secret agent software!

    Now, if you have an Oracle ERP system, c...

  • Five Steps To Embracing A Technology Mind-Set Within Marketing

    Adam Howatson

    There's no doubt the marketing function plays a central role within any successful organization, and the ability for the CMO to be closely aligned with the CEO, CIO, and other leaders is core to that success.

    But more than that, digital CMOs must also look to use technology that not only provides a good experience to customers, it must delight them, surprise them, and above all, make them love your brand. Any disconnect between marketing, technology, and business could cost them sales.

    During ...

  • Top Considerations for a Successful Cloud Partnership

    Lynn Elwood

    As your organization embarks on creating a cloud strategy, there are many things to consider.    What are the top benefits you are looking to achieve by moving workloads into the cloud?  What areas of your business are you willing to consider as cloud or hybrid cloud implementations?  Most of all, as you move into the cloud you are faced with extending your infrastructure and IT team to include your cloud provider.  What are the key things you should consider as you determine the key cloud par...

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