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  • Embracing Customer Centricity at Enterprise World 2015

    Marci Maddox

    Organizations today are competing on the basis of a differentiated customer experience.  It is not enough to have the best products or services, but you must now differentiate on the experience that your end users have when doing business with you.  After all, a product or service is only as valuable as the way in which its use is realized by your customers. 

    But what does it mean to be Customer Centric?  It’s not a technology - it is your Goal; it is a Journey for your customer that is tune...

  • Call Security! Addressing Internal and External Breaches at Legal Firms

    Sharon Malloch

    Data breaches don’t just affect banks and retailers, legal organizations are being hacked too. While legal organizations aren’t required to disclose cybercrimes, it is estimated that 80 of the 100 biggest law firms have experienced some sort of data breach since 2011. And legal firms remain an attractive target.

    Citigroup’s Cyber Intelligence Unit warns that legal organizations are at high risk for data breaches because they deal with highly valuable matters such as mergers and acquisitions and ...

  • My first Enterprise World. Will I be seeing you there?

    Christine Musil

    As a relatively new OpenText employee–my team and I came over in the IGC acquisition–the past few months have been my first exposure to Enterprise World from the host side of the table, and it’s been a real eye-opener. For starters, I just want to say how impressed I am at the energy, care, and creativity invested by all the groups involved in its planning. Kudos to everyone involved!

    With the event itself rapidly approaching, it also struck me that, although I’ve done extensive planning around ...

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