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  • Addressing the Challenges of User Adoption

    Sharon Malloch

    In a perfect world, law firms and legal departments have 100 percent of their matter-centric content safely stored, secured, and governed by their document management system (DMS). Content can be located instantly, as needed for day-to-day operations, and it is stored in compliance with regulation and according to records policies to reduce risk.

    While 100 percent is the ideal, it is not the reality. A recent report by analyst firm Hyperion Research tells us that in the average ECM-enabled legal...

  • Boosting Productivity with Secure Mobile Access to Matter

    Sharon Malloch

    Legal firms are always looking to boost their productivity, and mobile technologies fit the bill. Smartphones and tablets give attorneys increased flexibility to work anytime, anywhere—from home, from a client’s office, or while visiting court.

    Mobile devices are a boon to productivity and legal professionals have been quick to adopt them. Hyperion Research tells us more than 91 percent of legal organizations support mobile devices in some way, with law firms most actively adopting them (76 perc...

  • Data-Driven Experiences ARE the Future

    Marci Maddox

    The Digital Experience market space today is being driven by Marketing and the CMO, however, the pendulum is likely to swing back toward the CIO and technology teams to help provide better insight into the success of digital transformation projects.

    Age of the Customer
    We have entered a digital world of consumer-centric business. Customers expect experiences that are personalized, contextual, mobile. In two words; Everywhere they need to be and Anytime they desire.

    There is no time or place tha...

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