• New Cloud Offerings at Enterprise World

    Mark Barrenechea

    Enterprise World 2014 is now officially closed and was one for the history books. We had 1, 950 attendees, 464 partners, 181 sessions, and 16 countries were represented over 6 days for one killer experience. Martin Short rocked the house.

    Our focus this year was on the Digital-First World that is fast approaching. We highlighted the need to simplify, transform, and accelerate every process for unstructured information both within the enterprise and throughout the business network.

    We also talke...

  • Digital: Disrupt or Die

    Mark Barrenechea

    I’m pleased to announce the release of my latest book Digital: Disrupt or Die. It's an exciting discourse about the emerging Digital-First World and technologies that are disrupting our society, our industries, and our markets—driving a transformation that will be well underway by the year 2020. Most importantly, it offers a blueprint for how companies can successfully reinvent themselves to better serve their customer, gain competitive advantage, and lead in their industry.

    With the changes tha...

  • Enterprise World: Creating a Digital-First World

    Mark Barrenechea

    History is written by the winners. In a Digital-First world, there’s a whole slew of them: Google, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, Facebook, Wikipedia, Pinterest, YouTube, GoPro, T-Mobile, Yelp— the list goes on and on. These organizations have successfully fused imagination with technology to introduce new business models and change the way consumers buy, the way companies market, and the way enterprises operate. 

    There are examples in every industry, as the winners outpace the losers who to fail to re...

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