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  • How do you Manage a B2B Environment Following Divestiture?

    Mark Morley

    There has been one story dominating the media in the UK over the past few months, Scotland’s attempt to seek independence from the United Kingdom. Despite losing the referendum to go their own way, Scotland will gain extra powers from the UK government to help offer a better standard of living for their population and improve growth prospects for the country.

    The interesting thing here is what would have happened if Scotland had broken away from the UK. Everything from running the public se...

  • Ace the Base

    Dylan McConnell

    Do you look for answers before opening a My Support ticket?

    The Knowledge Center boasts a wealth of OpenText product information, from in-depth Champion Toolkit Case Study, Best Practice and Application Note documents to peer conversations in the Discussion Forums. And when you have a question about your OpenText implementation, the first place to look should always be the Knowledge Base.

    Our Customer Service organization is committed to the constant authorship of Knowledge Base (KB) article...

  • Choosing the right fax server: Easy Routing and Storage of Fax Documents

    Amy Campos

    One of the biggest business benefits of enterprise fax servers is the ability to integrate faxes into a workflow or business process.  Did you know that this integration is driven largely by "rules" set for incoming faxes, which are customizable based on a number of inbound fax routing options?

    A fax server can serve as an on ramp to a workflow process, an index and storage application, or as a routing mechanism to direct documents to the final destinations within an organization. Organizations sh...

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