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CEO Mark Barrenechea shares his insights and observations.

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Perspectives on issues that impact business process improvements at all levels.

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Efficiently sharing and managing vital high-volume data exchanges.

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Fuel user adoption, increase productivity and transcend the online experience.

Industry Insights

Industry experts share the latest trends and review challenges and solutions for your industry.

INFORMation Governance (ECM)

Get insights into how to manage and protect your information.

OpenText Online

Your Gateway to Customer Service.

Recent OpenText Blog Posts
  • Call Security! Addressing Internal and External Breaches at Legal Firms

    Sharon Malloch

    Data breaches don’t just affect banks and retailers, legal organizations are being hacked too. While legal organizations aren’t required to disclose cybercrimes, it is estimated that 80 of the 100 biggest law firms have experienced some sort of data breach since 2011. And legal firms remain an attractive target.

    Citigroup’s Cyber Intelligence Unit warns that legal organizations are at high risk for data breaches because they deal with highly valuable matters such as mergers and acquisitions and ...

  • 3 Questions: John Johnson of Dell Services Discusses Analytics andReporting for IT Services

    Michael Singer


    Dell Services, the global system integrator and IT outsourcing arm at Dell, provides support, application, cloud, consulting, and many other mission-critical IT services to hundreds of organizations worldwide across many sectors. The company collects and manages massive amounts of data concerning customer infrastructures from simple, high-frequency metrics (such as CPU, memory, and disk utilization) to helpdesk tickets and service requests, including hardware and software asset information.


  • 3 Questions: Content Marketing Expert Robert Rose on the Power of Analytics

    Michael Singer

        robert rose headshot

    Think your organization can tell the difference between good marketing content and great content? Only 36 percent of B2B marketers surveyed in 2014 by the Content Marketing Institute said they were effective at content marketing. To help increase its effectiveness, marketing experts suggest improving content measurement methods. White papers, brochures and blogs get the message out. Analytics illustrates a richer story.

    Robert Rose is the Chief Strategy Officer for the Content Marketing I...

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