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CEO Mark Barrenechea shares his insights and observations.

ProcessMatters (BPM)

Perspectives on issues that impact business process improvements at all levels.

InformationExchange (IX)

Efficiently sharing and managing vital high-volume data exchanges.

EngageU (CEM)

Fuel user adoption, increase productivity and transcend the online experience.

Industry Insights

Industry experts share the latest trends and review challenges and solutions for your industry.

INFORMation Governance (ECM)

Get insights into how to manage and protect your information.

OpenText Online

Your Gateway to Customer Service.

Recent OpenText Blog Posts
  • Good Cloud. Bad Cloud. Why Cloud?

    Deborah Miller

    Confused about the cloud? You're not alone.

    Adoption is projected to grow at double digits despite plentiful guidance on why we should fear the cloud. Pundits tell us, “If your organization is not implementing the cloud, you’re already behind.” Yet it is easy to feel the cloud is just beyond our grasp. So let's take a look at some real-life use cases from sectors that are leading the way in enterprise adoption of the cloud.

    Cloud Illusions

    Ask a few CIOs about the cloud and you are likely to ...

  • Happy Earth Day 2015 from OpenText Customer Service!

    Kiera Obbard

    Today marks the 45th anniversary of Earth Day, an international day of environmental action that seeks to foster and celebrate environmental respect, action and behavior that lessens our impact on the earth. Celebrated each year on April 22, the first Earth Day was held in 1970 and encouraged approximately 20 million Americans to take action to help secure our environmental future. Since then, Earth Day has grown to become the largest environmental event in the world.
    Every year, more than six ...

  • How will 3D printers help improve banking KYC?

    Jerome Tillier

    Yes, you just read this title correctly. 3D printers are widely known to offer the potential to be a game changer in the physical supply chain across many sectors and industries. However, the opportunity in Financial Services seems less likely, particularly in any form of real, practical application. Do you agree, or not with my statement here? Well, either way, I suggest you read on to find out more.

    KYC – Why is it a sensitive subject?

    Today, every Financial Institution runs their KYC processe...

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