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Efficiently sharing and managing vital high-volume data exchanges.

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Fuel user adoption, increase productivity and transcend the online experience.

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Industry experts share the latest trends and review challenges and solutions for your industry.

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Recent OpenText Blog Posts
  • Making ECM Easy: Accelerate User Adoption and Productivity

    Cameron Brennan

    Realizing your new ECM’s projected Return on Investment—and other Information Governance benefits—is very dependent on how quickly your users start adopting the new system. Often times, your people have been doing their jobs without this new system for many years, and now you need to convince them that they “need” to make a change. As we have all learned over the years, people really don’t like change. Even if they aren’t thrilled with the current ways of doing things, at least they know how to...

  • Pick Up Your 2014 OpenText Product and Services Catalog

    James McGourlay

    2014 Product and Services Catalog

    Today something came down the wire that I wanted to share with everyone—the 2014 Product and Services Catalog has been released.

    Whether you’re a current or prospective OpenText customer, I encourage you to flip through the virtual catalog and see if there’s something we can do to help you grow your business and harness the power of your information. You’ll be introduced to our full array of Enterprise Information Management (EIM) offerings and the integrations that allow you to take advantage...

  • Shoe Shopping, Supply Chains and One Very Happy Customer

    Deborah Miller

    Followers of Gartner's yearly Supply Chain Top 25 list may have noticed signs of progress over the last few years toward a responsive, demand-driven supply chain. As a student of the supply chain, I watch to see who makes the list and what market advances it highlights for suppliers and retailers. Last week though I got to experience the progress firsthand.

    An Omnichannel Supply Chain in Action

    Gartner's list identifies 25 companies that “best exemplify the demand-driven ideal for today's sup...

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