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  • Choosing the right fax server: How to evaluate and choose anenterprise-grade fax server solution

    Amy Campos

    When organizations want to make faxing operations an efficient part of their business processes or workflows, they turn to an enterprise fax server to boost efficiency and productivity by increasing the speed of transmitting, routing, and processing faxed documents.

    Understanding the features and functionality of enterprise fax servers is an important step in choosing a solution that is best for your organization. This series of articles can be used as a decision support tool for organization...

  • In Search of a Better Search

    David Slimmon

    Hi folks,
    I am pleased to announce a preview of our new Online Support search experience. The design will make its first appearance on the Knowledge Center later this month, and the overall style of the search experience will be extended to My Support in the year ahead. Our ultimate goal is to deliver a federated discovery experience across our two main Online Support properties.
    We have taken over 18 months of feedback and have worked tirelessly on a simple, modern design that we are convinced...

  • What Makes Cloud Fax Services Enterprise Class

    Scott Mitchell

    Think (wish) fax is going away?

    It’s not! In fact, many large organizations are still faxing in high volumes, particularly those in the healthcare, financial services and supply chain sectors. However the number of faxes these industries manually transmit have employees wasting valuable time printing documents, walking to standalone fax machines, dialing numbers, hitting send and waiting for confirmations. In addition, the costs of toner, paper and other supplies necessary to maintain fax operat...

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