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The CEO Blog

CEO Mark Barrenechea shares his insights and observations.

ProcessMatters (BPM)

Perspectives on issues that impact business process improvements at all levels.

InformationExchange (IX)

Efficiently sharing and managing vital high-volume data exchanges.

EngageU (CEM)

Fuel user adoption, increase productivity and transcend the online experience.

Industry Insights

Industry experts share the latest trends and review challenges and solutions for your industry.

INFORMation Governance (ECM)

Get insights into how to manage and protect your information.

OpenText Online

Your Gateway to Customer Service.

Recent OpenText Blog Posts
  • Announcing OpenText Core! Welcome to the world of Simple, Secure and Smart Information Management in the Cloud

    Gregory Beckman

    Last November at Enterprise World 2014, we announced our latest innovation, OpenText Core. It’s a truly digital-first information management and collaboration app in the OpenText Cloud.

    OpenText Core was built from the start to be simple to use, secure for sharing storing all your files, and smart in the way it adapts to the way you want to work (not the other way around).

    OpenText Core lets you easily store, share and collaborate on docs, pics, videos and more right from your Mac or Windows b...

  • The Top 5 Things to Do in OpenText Core to Get Things Done!

    Gregory Beckman

    Hopefully you’re signed up for your OpenText Core account and have already discovered how easy it makes sharing files and collaborating on information in the cloud. If you haven’t, be sure to visit core.opentext.com and sign up today – it will only take a minute before you’ll be exploring a simple, secure and smart way to get things done.

    Once you have your personal account set up, you might want to check out the Getting Started guide for a quick tour of OpenText Core for web and mobile and disc...

  • Today's Media Management

    John Price

    The average 14-year-old kid will probably create more media by the time I finish this post than I will this year. It’s so simple to create and so necessary to communicate with these days. And therein lies the problem: The technology to create, contribute, and consume rich media has outpaced our ability to manage it.

    In today’s hyper-digital environment, where time is of the essence and the experience is what sells, your customers, partners, and buyers want video, pictures, and informatio...

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