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  • Choosing the right fax server: Easy Routing and Storage of Fax Documents

    Amy Campos

    One of the biggest business benefits of enterprise fax servers is the ability to integrate faxes into a workflow or business process.  Did you know that this integration is driven largely by "rules" set for incoming faxes, which are customizable based on a number of inbound fax routing options?

    A fax server can serve as an on ramp to a workflow process, an index and storage application, or as a routing mechanism to direct documents to the final destinations within an organization. Organizations sh...

  • You Can’t Handle the Truth!

    Patricia Burke

    When Jack Nicholson uttered that line in A Few Good Men , many viewers thought it was a patronizing statement. However, transparency in government, information sharing, and data analytics are beginning to bring forward evidence to support potentially uncomfortable truths along with new considerations for ethics and privacy. As Dominic Sale, Deputy Associate Administrator for Information Integrity and Access in GSA’s Office of Government-wide Policy, said at NextGov PRIME’s Gov_2020 summit l...

  • Fax to the rescue!

    Greg Horton

    This coverage of the Asian Games 2014 says that with North Korean websites blocked in South Korea, reporters from there are turning to fax to file their stories.  Once again - fax proves to be a ubiquitous technology that comes through in pinch.

    Go Fax! 

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