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Recent OpenText Blog Posts
  • How B2B Automation Helps to Develop Greener Supply Chains

    Mark Morley

    Developing a greener and more sustainable supply chain has been on the agenda of CEOs for many years and in fact just looking back through my archive of blogs that I have written over the years, the first green related blog that I wrote was in 2007. This was at a time when companies were being made to think more carefully about how they design their supply chains to help reduce carbon emissions.

    Back then, our company issued supply chain sustainability assessments to demonstrate how much gree...

  • Exciting Times for Payments Professionals

    Susan Feinberg

    There can be no debating the fact that the past six months has seen more change in the payments world than any six month period in history. So many new developments underway or proposed; so many exciting possibilities for a faster, safer, more efficient, more competitive and more customer friendly payments environment.  Pick a region, pick a form of payment, pick a back-office or settlement function, pick a channel - it's all changing.  The vast scope of changes in payments is going to impact ba...

  • Expanding the Banking Universe with a Mobile-Only Play

    Gerry Gibney Jr

    Mobile phones continue to help break new ground in the world of Banking.  A very interesting example is called Atom Bank, which is in the United Kingdom today, or is it everywhere? 


    Atom Bank was recently awarded a banking license and plans to commence their operations later this year.  They have already raised around 25 million pounds (about $39 million). So why is this so interesting and different?


    Atom Bank will operate only through a mobile app.  That is right, they just h...

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