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CEO Mark Barrenechea shares his insights and observations.

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Tom Jenkins provides insights to a changing EIM landscape.

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Perspectives on issues that impact business process improvements at all levels.

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Efficiently sharing and managing vital high-volume data exchanges.

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Fuel user adoption, increase productivity and transcend the online experience.

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Industry experts share the latest trends and review challenges and solutions for your industry.

INFORMation Governance (ECM)

Get insights into how to manage and protect your information.

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Recent OpenText Blog Posts
  • Too many products? We may have a solution

    Agnes Kolkiewicz

    Have you ever wondered about the context of a specific OpenText solution or navigated our sites to find key integration for a product like Content Server or DAM?  Or perhaps you looked for a quick overview of the B2B integration solutions that recently joined the ranks of our offerings?

    We have dozens and dozens of different products and solutions here at OpenText. That’s a pretty good thing when you consider the breadth and depth of your digital strategy. Whether you are looking to enhance your...

  • Digitize, Transform, Accelerate the Bank

    Jerome Tillier

    The Digital Enterprise. A buzzword trending a lot in financial services in 2014, but what is it all about? According to many, the Digital Enterprise is an organization that uses technology as a competitive advantage in both its internal and external operations. At OpenText GXS we recently identified three trends developing across wholesale banking that enable transformation into the Digital Enterprise. Below is a summary of our findings collected over the last few months, which puts in perspect...

  • Making ECM Easy: Accelerate User Adoption and Productivity

    Cameron Brennan

    Realizing your new ECM’s projected Return on Investment—and other Information Governance benefits—is very dependent on how quickly your users start adopting the new system. Often times, your people have been doing their jobs without this new system for many years, and now you need to convince them that they “need” to make a change. As we have all learned over the years, people really don’t like change. Even if they aren’t thrilled with the current ways of doing things, at least they know how to...

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