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CEO Mark Barrenechea shares his insights and observations.

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Perspectives on issues that impact business process improvements at all levels.

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Efficiently sharing and managing vital high-volume data exchanges.

EngageU (CEM)

Fuel user adoption, increase productivity and transcend the online experience.

Industry Insights

Industry experts share the latest trends and review challenges and solutions for your industry.

INFORMation Governance (ECM)

Get insights into how to manage and protect your information.

OpenText Online

Your Gateway to Customer Service.

Recent OpenText Blog Posts
  • Mark's Predictions: Top Tech Trends for 2015

    Mark Barrenechea

    2014 marked an incredible year. We watched technology cross the threshold from futuristic concept to mainstream use with biometric devices like Apple’s Touch ID featured on the iPhone and iPad, and 3-D printers like MakerBot’s Thing-O-Matic installed in local schools and libraries for the kids to use. The release of Gigabit-per-second broadband service Google Fiber pushed broadband to new limits and free Wi-Fi became a mainstay in public places like Tim Hortons, McDonald’s, and Starbucks. While ...

  • Fax to the rescue - again!

    Amy Campos

    Most of us can’t imagine a business day without email.  It’s the lifeline of most communication both inside and outside an organization.  But what happens when you can’t use your email?  That’s what Sony employees and executives are faced with right now, in light of the recent hack to their network and email system.  

    It seems that Sony employees have taken to picking up the phone, handwritten notes and, you guess it  -  fax, as a way to communicate with one another.  Old school, you say? ...

  • How B2B Integration Drives Superior Supply Chain Performance

    Mark Morley

    Today’s manufacturers face a constant challenge of balancing supply chain efficiency with the investment placed in their B2B integration platform. To try and get a better understanding of whether increased use of B2B solutions and services impacts the performance of a supply chain, OpenText sponsored a new B2B integration related study with IDC Manufacturing Insights. This blog will briefly summarise some of the key findings from the study.

    IDC conducted a one hour qualitative survey with 2...

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