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  • Introducing Digital-First Fridays

    Mark Barrenechea

    Today, I’m happy to kick-off our “Digital-First Fridays,” a new blog series that describes a Digital-First World, provides strategies for transformation, and shares best practices using real-life examples. The series is based on our recent book, Digital: Disrupt or Die, authored by myself and OpenText Chairman, Tom Jenkins.

    In every sector, digital technologies are changing the rules of business. Startups and web-based companies are using digital business models to disintermediate the establishe...

  • Digital-First Fridays: Operating at the Speed of Digital

    Mark Barrenechea

    “It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive but those who can best manage change.” – Charles Darwin

    We live in a time of unprecedented change. In every sector, digital technologies are changing the rules of business by enabling new business models. Startups are reshaping entire industries, combining technologies like cloud, social, mobile, and analytics to deliver more targeted customer products and services. These technologies are empowering organizations to bypass the tr...

  • Upcoming OpenText™ Live Webinars for Enterprise Content Management

    Kiera Obbard

    This month, our webinar lineup is jam-packed with tips and tricks designed to help you get the most out of your Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions. Whether you’re looking for multilingual capabilities for your users, want to better manage your signed documents, or just want to easily share and collaborate on files, our August ECM webinars have something for everyone.

    Also, if you'd like to receive weekly email notifications of what's coming for OpenText Live, be sure to subscribe to...

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