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  • What Makes Cloud Fax Services Enterprise Class

    Scott Mitchell

    Think (wish) fax is going away?

    It’s not! In fact, many large organizations are still faxing in high volumes, particularly those in the healthcare, financial services and supply chain sectors. However the number of faxes these industries manually transmit have employees wasting valuable time printing documents, walking to standalone fax machines, dialing numbers, hitting send and waiting for confirmations. In addition, the costs of toner, paper and other supplies necessary to maintain fax operat...

  • Assessing Cloud Architecture and Fax Performance

    Scott Mitchell

    So, you’ve decided (or been mandated) to migrate fax operations to the cloud?

    It’s a big step, not unlike other IT migrations. You’ll need to understand how the onboarding cloud platform works in conjunction with your desired application; in this case, how your organization will manage faxing in the new cloud environment.

    Whether you’re replacing fax hardware entirely or cloud-enabling aspects of your on-premises fax infrastructure, understand successful implementation depends on how well you...

  • Recovering from Fax Disaster

    Scott Mitchell

    We work in a world where business never stops. The required velocity of today’s transactions doesn’t lend itself to downtime, particularly for fax. Think about it. Suppose you’re processing customer orders or exchanging legal documentation via fax, ask yourself, can you afford a halt in operations, even for a short period of time? What if you operate on a global scale? It’s simply too risky. Just thinking about it is enough to keep your IT department up at night. Organizations need built-in mea...

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