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  • Choosing the right fax server: Building a fax deployment for business continuity and disaster recovery

    Amy Campos

    So many organizations rely on fax as part of a critical business process or workflow.  Wh en these workflows are interrupted, it can cost an organization for every minute of the interruption.  How much would a lapse in fax services cost your organization?  How much business can you afford to lose if faxing operations are shut down for any reason?

    Interruptions in faxing can happen at various layers of the fax server system. These business disruptions can be planned or unplanned such as teleph...

  • Choosing the right fax server: Ease of administration and administrative tools

    Amy Campos

    Key to the success of any fax server implementation is the administration and management of the system. Choose a fax server which provides comprehensive guides and tools to make the administration of the fax server as successful as possible.

    Here are some of the things to look for in a fax server provider:

    ·         Enterprise Administration Tools : These tools are designed to ease the burden of managing the fax server and provide platforms to easily manage updates and activities.

    ·     ...

  • Choosing the right fax server: What is the business need?

    Amy Campos

    Many organizations begin their quest to implement a fax server based on a business need that is driving the project. This goes beyond your boss telling you to "Go out and find us a fax server - stat."

    Usually, you'll be asked, "What is your business need?" but you should also consider, "What is your business pain?"  Understanding the "business pain" is an important first step.  Ask yourself if you have these typical business pains regarding faxing:

    ·         Do I have to reduce costs by eliminating...

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