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  • Electronic and Physical Records Management: Why a Combined Approach isBest Practice

    Mark Mandel

    When many organizations make plans to implement Records Management, they focus on electronic records exclusively. Other organizations that are heavily paper based may focus on physical records management. Best practice using current technology is to combine both approaches into a common Records Management platform.

    The ideal paradigm is one that allows users to search for records without regard to file type or media.   If the result is an electronic record and the user has the correct permissi...
  • Information Governance in Energy & Resources

    Deborah Miller

    How I Learned to Stop Worrying about Compliance and Love Information Management.

    by Rob Gascho

    Even in heavily regulated industries such as energy and resources, the term “records management”(RM) has a somewhat negative connotation. Over the span of my career in engineering firms, energy companies and public sector bodies responsible for governing the industry, I’ve come to accept that executives are reticent to invest in RM initiatives. In my experience, is has typically been some compelling ...

  • Blog Examples

    Wilfried Rijsemus

    Below are the font types


    Address, Milwaukee
    Preformatted " Impact "

    H1: The biggest Header

    H2. The one after

    H3. Somewhere in between

    H4: Getting Smaller

    H5: Almost smallest
    H6: The smallest one

    This text is standard. No formating

    This is bold

    This is Italic

    This is underlined

    This has a different text colour

    And this is highlighted

    This is aligned middle

    This is aligned right

    This is aligned full which take a lot more text to make that visible so I am repeating this sentence to show ...

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