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The Innovation Tour is coming soon to a city near you.

Three key factors are coming together to drive digital transformation and enable the digital world–extreme automation, extreme computing power and extreme connectivity. With Enterprise Information Management (EIM), OpenText is delivering a single information platform and business network to help our customers succeed in this digital world.

At Enterprise World 2016, we engaged with customers, partners, industry experts and thought leaders in a conversation about the future of information and the latest trends in the digital landscape. Soon, we’ll take this dialogue on the road with the Innovation Tour.

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Enterprise World 2017

Enterprise World 2017 will offer 120+ breakout sessions including strategy roadmaps, customer stories, panels and technical how-to sessions. Join dozens of networking activities, interactive workshops and live demos with the Innovation Lab, Developer Lab, Enterprise EXPO, User Group meetings, Product Advisory Councils, training courses and Partner Summit and much more.

Join us in Toronto to learn about:

  • Roadmaps for the future
  • How to optimize your deployments
  • Getting more value from your existing investments
  • Taking advantage of your peers' experiences
  • How to develop applications
  • New capabilities of your products

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OpenText Innovation Tour Singapore UKISUG Connect 2016 OpenText Information Day Wien OpenText Innovation Tour Sydney Nevada Digital Government Summit Texas Public Sector CIO Academy Florida Public Sector CIO Academy AFP Annual Conference Henry Stewart LA TDWI Executive Summit Austin, TX Adoption Unlocked 2016 – Virtual OpenText sponsors SAP Digital Transformation Summit OpenText Analytics Workshop San Francisco SuccessConnect 2016 Gartner Application Strategies & Solutions Summit Gartner Application & Solutions Strategies Summit New York City Technology Forum Digital Customer Experience (DX) Summit 2016 OpenText™ RightFax Roadmap: Strategy and Vision Webinar: Supply Chain Automation Optimizing Patient Information Exchange Advanced Media Workflows in OpenText Media Management OpenText™ ECM Content Migration Compliance and Productivity for Office 365 Microsoft Azure-Certified Solutions Upgrade OpenText™ Content Server with Syntergy's Upgrade Accelerator Webinar: Supply Chain Automation Blueprinting Your DAM for a Modern Marketing Makeover
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OpenText Content Server 10 SP2 Update 10 Overview and Roadmap Checking Web Accessibility against WCAG 2.0 with OpenText™ Web Site Management Configuring RightFax in a Shared Services Environment: When Does It Make Sense? Could EIM be the key to business growth? Replay OpenText Records Management 10.2 Update 2 Overview OpenText Application Governance & Archiving for Microsoft® SharePoint (AGA) Overview and Roadmap Unlock the Value of Your Supply Chain Through Embedded Analytics Content Server Replication: Combat Disasters And Optimize Business Operations Think Internationally with the EMLC Module for OpenText™ Content Server KineMatik's Navigation for OpenText Content Server 10 OpenText Web Site Management 11.2: Mobile Web Content Editing on Tablet Devices Derby City Council Delivers 100% Content Server Adoption with OpenText™ Shinydrive by Shinydocs OpenText™ Contract Center (Knowledge Center log in required) Tips and Tricks for Upgrading to OpenText™ eDOCS DM 10 (Knowledge Center log in required) Optimizing OpenText™ Content Server Search (Knowledge Center log in required) Supporting Collaboration without Compromising Security eDOCS Edge: Sneak Preview of the New OpenText eDOCS Technologies for 2013 Introduction to Exceed VA TurboX OpenText Web Site Management Overview and Roadamp What’s New in Brava! 7.2 for OpenText Content Server OpenText Integration Center Meeting and Agenda Management for Content Server by Formark OpenText Web Site Management 11.1 Bring Your Product Catalog to Life with Rich Media eMarketer Webinar: Keeping Pace with Omnichannel Consumers Forms, Forms, Forms! Resonate KT's ActiveView 10.1 for Content Server Is it Time for Automatic Classification of Records - OpenText and Contoural OpenText Media Management 7.2 Sneak Peek What’s New in OpenText™ Collections Server Webtop Suite 10.4 Manage, Track and Measure the Performance of Procurement Introducing OpenText™ Web Site Management 11.2 SP2 Replay - Driving Change: Addressing 5 Roadblocks to Omnichannel Engagement Bloom with Open Text and Enterprise 2.0 - Webinar on Demand Creating a Compelling Web Experience that Resonates Introducing OpenText Tempo Box (formerly OpenText Tempo) 10.0.4 Smart Process Applications: A Game Changer for HR Shared Services - PART II OpenText eDOCS Engineering Drawing Management Solutions Introduction to OpenText™ Connected Workspaces OpenText™ Enterprise Connect and Email Services 16 Why Upgrade to RightFax 10.5 OpenText Template Workspaces 10.1.0 Overview and Roadmap OpenText Web Experience Management 8.5: Sneak Peek OpenText™ Web Site Management Reporting and Analytics Extensions OpenText Media Management Migration Utility 2.0 Off to the Protocol Races Fuel the Speed of Innovation: How Championing Workers Inspires Collaboration Overview of New Features in OpenText™ Content Server 16 Increasing Content Server User Adoption through Optimized User Experiences (Part 1) Introducing OpenText™ Experience Analytics Introducing OpenText™ Connectivity 15 Drive Top Performance for Remote Sites with OpenText™ Remote Cache 10.5 SP1 Why Upgrade to RightFax 10.5 The New Extended ECM for Salesforce Cloud Computing and Financial Services: A Roadmap for the Future of Information Exchange OpenText™ Image Crawler for eDOCS DM Introducing OpenText™ System Center 1.0 Leveraging Information Exchange Services to Anchor Your EIM Strategy Replay Core to Compliance: A Blueprint for ECM Utilization Success OpenText™ Communications Center Introducing OpenText™ Media Management 16 OpenText™ Secure MFT for Content Suite 10.5 & 16 Project & Program Management for OpenText™ Content Server 5 Top Trends in Information Governance Webinar Replay Is Your Corporate Memory and Competitive Advantage Walking Out the Door? - Webinar on Demand Streamlining Bid Management with OpenText™ RFx Center B2B Managed Services: What Can It Do for You? Digital Asset Management and the Omni-Channel Ecosystem PART I: A New Era Begins: Introducing Smart Process Applications PART II - Smart Process Applications: A Game Changer for HR Shared Services Extend the Reach of OpenText™ Content Server to Your Trusted External Parties Simplify Your OpenText™ Content Server 10.5 Upgrade with Syntergy’s Replicator Move from Supply Chain Disruption to Advantage with Supplier Information Management OpenText Content Intelligence: New Report Pack for WebReports HTML Editors in OpenText Web Site Management From drones to smart homes – gaining insight across a Multi-channel Digital Customer Journey Records Disposition Simplified Fourth Industrial Revolution: A Digital Transformation Deployment Considerations for OpenText Managed File Transfer (MFT) 2013R3 What's New in OpenText™ RightFax? BPM Meets ITSM: The Key to ITIL Success Content World 365 - Reinvigorate Your Users by Upgrading to Content Server 10 Generation 7: The Unbound Portal (Recorded August 25, 2010) OpenText Collections Server & Library Management: Overview and Roadmap An Introduction to Blazon® and Automated Document Transformation OpenText™ eDOCS on the Go! Enable Your Mobile Workforce Managing Email in the Cloud OpenText Fax Solutions Overview and Roadmap What Comes After ECM? Integrate Microsoft® SharePoint® Content into Your OpenText™ eDOCS Environments Unifying Around the Customer Experience Social Business: A Shiny Object or a Golden Ticket? CMIQ Assure for Customer Service Creating Customer Value From Digital Disruption 3 B2C Customer Experience Secrets Every B2B Should Know OpenText™ eDOCS Strategy and Roadmap Make Your Content Connect: What's on the Horizon for Content Marketing OpenText Customer Communications Management (CCM) Overview and Roadmap Three Essential Best Practices when Using OpenText™ Content Server in a Regulated Environment Applying the Digital-First Approach to Customer Experience Management Responsive Design, HTML5, and CSS3 with Web Site Management Smooth Operations: Updating and Upgrading Content Server by Improving Efficiency and Simplifying Inf OpenText™ Extended ECM Platform 16 OpenText™ eDOCS Integration for Microsoft® SharePoint® The Future of Customer Acquisition: Targeting and Relevance in Digital Marketing Increasing Content Server User Adoption through Optimized User Experiences (Part 2) OpenText Tempo Product Demo Simplify Content Capture with OpenText™ eDOCS DM Sync and Save OpenText eDOCS DM 10 Product Update Enterprise World 2015: What to Expect OpenText Content Server Upgrades from the Project Manager's PoV OpenText Web Site Management Integrations Storing StreamServe Data in Content Server via ELS Start Your Digital Transformation with BPM Webinar On Demand: Content Server 10 Enhancing the Multilingual User Experience in OpenText Content Server 10 Designing Better Forms: Making Life Easier for Your Users Improve Website Search with OpenText™ Web Site Management OpenText™ Content Intelligence: Driving Insight & Productivity Upgrade to OpenText™ Employee File Management for SAP® Solutions 4.0 Bell Canada and CARE Canada: Improved Performance Through Centralized Information Management Digital Signatures and OpenText: The Future is Now Prevent Information Security Leaks with OpenText™ Guardian for eDOCS by Wertheim An Introduction to OpenText™ Core OpenText Tempo Box for eDOCS DM OpenText™ Web Site Management Roadmap Overview of OpenText Media Management Audit, Creative Review & Portal Simplify Your Content Server Data Transfers with Help from GCI Power Tools Fastman Bulk Data Manager: Next Generation Data Migration and Management for OpenText Content Server Lower Your TCO with OpenText™ Content Server 10.5 OpenText™ Web Site Management Staging Tempo On Demand Webinar (Recorded 31/07/12) Fuel the Speed of Innovation: Employing Social Strategies to Build a Collaborative Business What's New in Archive Server 10.5 Making ECM Easy with OpenText™ Tempo Box Don't Let Email Run Rogue! Integrate Email with Your OpenText™ eDOCS Repository The Many Ways of Integrating Microsoft® SharePoint® into Your OpenText eDOCS DM Environment Fax Archiving: How OpenText Can Help You OpenText™ Release 16 OpenText Web Experience Management 8.5: A Deeper Look Brava!® 7.1 for OpenText Content Server Enhance Your OpenText™ Content Suite User Experience with the Brava!™ Viewer Six Factors That Will Help You Build Your Business Case for Cloud-Based Information Exchange Service What to Consider when Preparing to Migrate to RightFax 10.5 Digital -- The Next Frontier for Manufacturing A Simple and Compliant Solution to the Paper Problem in Healthcare (On-Demand) Good User Experiences Include Visual Design OpenText Experience Suite / Cloud 16 On Demand Webinar: Beyond Web Content Management Call Security! Prevent Security Breaches in OpenText eDOCS OpenText Content Suite 10.5 Email Solutions Webinaire OpenText Tempo OpenText eDOCS for the Mobile World, Featuring Wireless, Tempo and DM Apps Overview of OpenText™ Archive Center 16 and Integrations Adopting the AnswerModules Module Suite for OpenText™ Content Server What's New in OpenText™ StreamServe 5.6.2 OpenText™ Directory Services (Knowledge Center log in required) Social Business Webinar On Demand Optimize Your Customer Experience Through Responsive Web Design What's New in OpenText Enterprise Connect / Office Editor 10.5 Business Overview and Value of OpenText AppWorks Digitize to Survive: Using e-Government to Optimize Programs and Performance Extending OpenText™ Content Server REST APIs with the AnswerModules ModuleSuite OpenText Customer Communications Management Overview and Roadmap 3 Ways Your Marketing Success Depends on Digital Asset Management OpenText Web Site Management Overview and Roadmap Personalized Help for OpenText™ Content Server The Nuts and Bolts of OpenText™ eDOCS Email Filing Introducing OpenText™ Web Experience Management 10.5 Overview of New Features in OpenText™ Tempo Box 16 What can Web Site Management .NET Programming API do for you? What's Coming in OpenText™ eDOCS 16 OpenText Directory Services OpenText Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Overview and Roadmap Digitize to Survive: Using e-Government to Optimize Programs and Performance OpenText™ Web Site Management 16 OpenText™ Web Experience Management 16 Mobile Websites with OpenText Web Site Management Integrating OpenText RightFax with your MFPs Overview of New Features in OpenText™ Records Management 16 The Evolution of BPM WoD replay Series Is it Time for Automatic Classifcation of Records Expert Speed Round: 7 CEM Trends in 40 Minutes Integrate Microsoft® SharePoint® into Your OpenText™ eDOCS Environments Document and Asset Management Integrations for OpenText™ WSM (Knowledge Center log in required) OpenText™ Secure Managed File Transfer for eDOCS (Knowledge Center log in required) OpenText™ Extended ECM for Oracle® E-Business Suite Manage OpenText Content Server from the Desktop with Syntergy Director 5 Tips for Addressing the Blind Spots of a Digital Experience Process 4 Ways to Transform Your Digital Experience Delivery Online Support - Ticket and Account Management Online Support - Self Help Resources From Records Management to Information Empowerment Bridging the ERP-ECM Divide: OpenText™ Extended ECM for Oracle® E-Business Suite OpenText Customer Communications Management (StreamServe) Overview and Roadmap What's New in eDOCS DM10 on-demand webinar Driving Customer Satisfaction at PSCU OpenText™ Brava!™ Desktop for eDOCS Social Business: Shiny Object or Golden Ticket? Transform your Business with Customer Experience Innovation Finance and Supply Chain operational excellence - Tullow Oil webinar on demand Optimising Accounts Payable Processes with SAP - Subsea7 Webinar on Demand From drones to smart homes – gaining insight across a Multi-channel Digital Customer Journey The Evolution of BPM WoD replay Series Performance Tuning Large Enterprise Deployments: How Well Do You Scale? Introducing OpenText™ Core The Power of Remote Unix Access – Everywhere Gain Total Supply Chain Visibility with OpenText™ Active Orders OpenText™ Secure Managed File Transfer (Knowledge Center log in required) Using Design Principles to Guide EIM Delivery Accelerate Digital Transformation with the OpenText™ Cloud (Knowledge Center log in required) What's Coming in OpenText eDOCS DM 2013 Delivering Dynamic, Digital Experiences Archiving & Decommissioning for Compliance & Cost Cutting Matter Centricity with OpenText eDOCS DM 10 Fortifying Content Server Workflow, eSign & Reporting in Regulated Environments What's New in OpenText Email Management for Microsoft Exchange 10.3 OpenText Web Site Management Mobile Editing Explained OpenText Everywhere Overview and Roadmap Guide for the Prevention of Information Security Leaks with OpenText™ Guardian for eDOCS by Wertheim Fuel the Speed of Innovation: How Championing Workers Inspires Collaboration OpenText™ Media Management 10.5 The Pillars of Defensible Record Auto-classification Capturing OpenText Content Server Logs Learn How Real Businesses Benefit From Optimised Accounts Payable The Next Wave of Advanced Analytics What's New in OpenText Web Experience Management Introducing the New Era of BPM PleaseTech PleaseReview for OpenText™ Content Server DocuSign® for OpenText™ ECM What's New in OpenText Document & Report Management 9.1 Introducing OpenText™ Content Suite Viewer OpenText Tempo Sneak Peek What's New in OpenText™ Email Solutions 10.5 SP1 Build Compelling ECM Integrations with REST API & UI Widgets (Knowledge Center log in required) Fastman's CoSign® Connector for OpenText Content Server OpenText Auto-Classification Overview and Roadmap Webinar On Demand: Think Adoption - Making OpenText Solutions Work For You Business Transformation Management Course Overview What's New in Content Server 10.5 You Can Do It! Improve Customer Service and Increase Call Center Efficiency at the Same Time KineMatik’s ChemBio: Advanced R&D for Chemistry and Life Sciences Leveraging Auto-Classification Technology to Address Email Governance Shinydocs Collaborative-Editing for OpenText Content Server OpenText Content Server Overview and Roadmap How to Leverage SAP® Support for OpenText Products OpenText Web Experience Management Overview and Roadmap All You Need to Know about Upgrading to OpenText Content Server 10.5 OpenText AppWorks Developer OpenText Records Management: Be Confident in Your Decision to Delete Content! Achieving Security, Privacy and Compliance for Health Information Systems (On Demand Webinar) « Enterprise Architecture » au coeur de vos stratégies Unleash the Power of Information by Integrating with OpenText eDOCS DM Sending Large Files Can be Simple & Fast with Secure MFT Business Architecture 101 Project Management on OpenText™ Content Server: Part 1 OpenText™ Email Solutions for Microsoft® Exchange Introducing DocuSign® for OpenText OpenText™ Directory Services 16 Top 5 Reasons Organizations Use Content Server Replication Replication for Content Server Disaster Recovery Using Interactive Notifications to Improve the Patient Experience and Increase Revenue Opportunities KineMatik's Project & Program Management for OpenText™ Content Server KineMatik's Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN) for OpenText Content Server 10 Introduction to Exceed VA TurboX Manage Today's Government Records to Meet Tomorrow's Needs Taking Control of Email: Learning from the U.S.Federal Government's "Capstone" Strategy Bring Order to Chaos: Real world examples of dynamic case management in action OpenText Enterprise Connect Best Practices and New Features Optimizing Social Collaboration and Teams What's Inside OpenText™ eDOCS DM 10 The Power of Track & Trace for Optimizing the Inbound Supply Chain Driving DAM Adoption: Success Stories from Fox and PBS WoD Overview and New Features of OpenText™ Content Suite 16 Overview of OpenText™ Content Server Smart UI and Perspective Manager OpenText eDOCS DM: Optimizing the User Experience Build a Winning Operational Risk Management Strategy with Information Governance Simplify the Import and Export of OpenText CS10 Data with Tools from Syntergy OpenText Media Management Upcoming Releases and Roadmap Fax Roadmaps and Product Direction Digital Communications Webinar On Demand What's New in OpenText™ Content Server 10.5 SP1 (Knowledge Center log in required) What's New in OpenText™ Enterprise Connect 10.5.x Building Your Roadmap for the Shifting BPM Landscape Expert Speed Round: 7 CEM Trends in 40 Minutes Increasing Information and Knowledge Worker Productivity Integrating EMRs with Fax in Healthcare Syntergy's DataManager: One Tool for Importing, Exporting and Managing OpenText™ Content Server Data Access active UNIX sessions from anywhere with Exceed VA TurboX Fastman Permission Manager for OpenText™ Content Server OpenText™ Enterprise World 2016 Overview Project Management on OpenText™ Content Server: Part 2 What's New in OpenText™ AppWorks 16 Enterprise Information Archiving: Accelerating Time to Compliance Indexing for User Success: Configuring OpenText Collections Server Search Bring Your Product Catalog to Life with Rich Media Achieving Process Efficiency in Weeks, Not Months Integrating Proactive Notifications Ushering in a New Paradigm of Engineering Document Management Optimize Business Processes with OpenText™ Archive Center OpenText™ Web Site Management Roadmap OpenText Content Server 10.0.0 SP2 Update 9 Overview and Roadmap OpenText Report and Output Management (Vista Plus) Educational Webinar Accelerating WebForms and Workflows on OpenText™ Content Server Webinar on Demand: Social networking as a critical business system? OpenText eDOCS Roadmap and Enterprise World Summary Streamlining the Production, Flow, Sharing, Signing and Viewing of your Content Server Documents Cordys by OpenText Webinar Replay OpenText InfoFusion Overview and Roadmap The IGC Brava! Connector for OpenText SharePoint Services What's New in OpenText™ RightFax? OpenText Tempo Social Fastman's Bulk Data Manager for OpenText™ Content Server OpenText™ Tempo Box Overview and Update Upgrading OpenText™ Content Server - Part 2: Best Practices in a Production Environment Computer Business Review TV:Harnessing the Power of Fax OpenText ECM Everywhere Best Practices for Implementing a Cloud Fax Solution with RightFax 8 Steps to Transforming your Communications to a Digital Customer Journey OpenText™ xECM for Oracle® EBS 10.5 SP2