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M+W Zander

M+W Zander, a subsidiary of the Jenoptik Group, is active in two business divisions: facility engineering and facility management. The company has a workforce of over 8,000 and operates at more than 40 sites worldwide. M+W Zander offers a full range of services revolving around high-tech buildings and production facilities from consulting, engineering and construction to facility management and modernization projects.

When M+W Zander needed an ECM solution for team work and collaboration, they turned to Open Text...


  • A single collaboration platform for all needs
  • More knowledgeable employees as experts can share their knowledge and expertise
  • Support for online exchange of vital documents and project information
  • Virtual meeting places for all team members save time and costs
  • Happier customers as all inquiries and requests for pricing and information can be quickly and efficiently resolved online

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