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Hi3G adds personlized marketing messages on the invoice and makes it the primary communication channel

Hi3G wanted a clearer more personalized invoice. They also wanted to remove all inserts. All in order to meet customer and market demands.

Putting marketing messages on the invoice and remove all inserts has enabled us to lower our distribution cost by 30%.

— Thomas Wandahl, Customer and Loyalty Director, Hi3G

OpenText Customer Communications Management allows 3 to rapidly change messages on invoices based on the current market situation and ongoing campaigns.


Hi3G wanted to lower the cost of document distribution, put marketing messages on the invoice and keep to document creation inhouse all without making too many changes in existing applications.



By having a more personlized and understandable invoice, Hi3G has lowered the number of calls coming into customer service by 15-20%. Also by removing all inserts the cost of distribution has decreased by 30%.


Hi3G Access AB offers mobile multimedia services, a convergence of media, information, and communications. The company holds 3G licenses in Australia, Austria, Denmark, Hong Kong, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Sweden, and the United Kingdom. Hi3G Access AB is 60% owned by Hutchison Whampoa and 40% by Investor AB and is based in Stockholm, Sweden.