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"This next generation enterprise platform for interactions and communications will help customers unleash enterprise value through social technology, allowing teams to focus, work more efficiently, and connect with relevant resources and expertise throughout the enterprise. By connecting employee-to-employee, customer-to-customer and ultimately employee-to-customer, OpenText Tempo Social will be fundamental to the effectiveness of globally networked organizations." “

— Muhi Majzoub, OpenText SVP of R&D

OpenText Tempo Social provides easy-to-use social apps that can socially charge your current business processes in a safe and compliant fashion that helps fuel a more immersive user experience both for the social workplace and the social web.

Which Tempo Social is Right For You?

Tempo Social  - An on premise Tempo Social environment that enables social collaboration across your Enterprise for both internal, external and internet use cases. Tempo Social offers integration with multiple types of websites and applications, as well as seamless integration with OpenText Web Experience Management, OpenText Web Site Management, and OpenText Content Server for social compliance.

Tempo Social, Cloud Edition - A standalone, completely hosted Tempo Social deployment with managed storage, security and controls within the OpenText Cloud for a no-hassle, quick to deploy, experience.

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OpenText Boosts Company-wide Collaboration with own Enterprise Social Application

"Enterprise social is the next generation platform for interactions and communications and, thus, will dramatically increase productivity and insights for enterprises."

— Mark J. Barrenechea, President and CEO, OpenText

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