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“Tempo Box is instant and convenient! The Windows desktop client is fast and intuitive and the mobile iPhone app is very fast and user friendly.”

— Koen Michiels, Delaware Consulting

Tempo™ Box brings secure file sharing and synchronization to your organization. Share information across your team and with your business partners while leveraging the latest smartphones and tablets to always have the right information at your fingertips.

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Which Tempo Box is Right For You?

Tempo Box, Content Server 10 Edition - Complete integration with OpenText Content Server 10

Tempo Box, Express Edition - A self-contained OpenText Tempo Box environment that can be used without a previously existing content management system or alongside other content repositories, including OpenText LiveLink 9.7.1

Tempo Box, Cloud Edition - A standalone, completely hosted Tempo Box deployment with managedstorage, security and controls within the OpenText Cloud for a no-hassle experience.