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Secure file sharing and sync for business

  • Secure

    Forget about those consumer-grade tools where your important business information is stored in some mysterious location or university dorm room closet. You want to easily share information but it must be secure! Tempo Box harnesses the safety and security of the proven OpenText Enterprise Content Management system in a new and simplified way that will please your users while meeting all of your critical information management, discovery and governance needs.

  • Share

    Simple easy file sharing - It's what Tempo Box is all about. Just login with your desktop client, from any web browser, or via your favourite mobile app. No matter how you use Tempo Box, you and your team will also have the latest information automatically and readily available. No more confusion or wondering if you are looking for that current version. With Tempo Box, you are always up-to-speed.

  • Sync

    When you are working with a team of colleagues, you need to all be on the same page and with no effort. Tempo Box keeps all your folders and documents synchronized automatically. Working on a document and want everyone else to see your current version? Just hit save and Tempo Box automatically syncs your information out to your team, no matter what device they are using. Tempo Box keeps everyone up-to-date with no effort.

Which Tempo Box is Right For You?

Tempo Box, Content Server 10 Edition - Complete integration with OpenText Content Server 10

Tempo Box, Express Edition - A self-contained OpenText Tempo Box environment that can be used without a previously existing content management system or alongside other content repositories, including OpenText LiveLink 9.7.1

Tempo Box, Cloud Edition - A standalone, completely hosted Tempo Box deployment with managedstorage, security and controls within the OpenText Cloud for a no-hassle experience.