SAP® and OpenText

Deliver Value, Drive Success with ECM for SAP

According to IDC, in 2012, "the amount of digital information produced in the year should equal nearly 2,500 exabytes (equivalent to 2,500 billion gigabytes), or 5 times that produced in 2008".

At what point does your business become unsustainable because of the uncontrolled rate of growth of your content? Is content from e-mails, instant messages, tweets, feeds, blogs, images, videos, and traditional office documents spilling into your organization without any business context?

OpenText Solutions for SAP, along with services and ecosystem partners, help you put strategy to execution achieving long term viability. By tying the content to SAP business context, you gain control and stop the uncontrolled growth of content - giving you the ability to preserve what is required and to destroy what is not.

A holistic, value-based and integrated approach to managing enterprise content - in context of business processes directly, yield benefits by means of reducing risk, managing governance and compliance. Enabling business transformation, lowering cost of your business operations on the level of both processes (operational efficiencies) and assets (TCO: Real estate, IT legacy systems, paper).