Supply & Demand Planning

Supply and demand planning processes enable consumer goods companies to create a profitable match of supply and demand. Responsiveness to demand changes and flexibility in planning are essential. Demand planning (forecasting) is a key requirement in the fast moving consumer goods industry. Analysis of historic sales data is the foundation for creating sales forecasts, and ready access to enable adjustments to this forecast by Product Managers, Account Managers, Sales Managers and Sales Representatives leads to a more accurate, consultative sales forecast. Wide participation by staff and external partners improves effectiveness, but requires ready access to collaborative ECM tools to manage the interchange of information in a wide range of formats.

Analysing historic sales data is the foundation for creating sales forecasts; however, demand planning has evolved into a mix of numbers and art – the numbers alone no longer paint a sufficient picture of future demand. Consumer goods companies are increasingly relying on sharing information up and down the supply chain with customers, retailers, distributors and manufacturers to create their demand forecasts.

ECM solutions provide the collaborative tools required for easy, quick, and secure information exchange and collaboration among supply chain stakeholders. Using ECM solutions in the supply and demand planning process helps Consumer Goods companies to create more accurate sales forecasts, better serving their customers and maximizing productivity.

OpenText helps you address these challenges with ECM solutions for Supply & Demand Planning.

Software: Extensions for SAP Solutions

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