Strategic Purchasing & Sourcing

Strategic purchasing & sourcing involves the systematic evaluation and improvement of organizational procurement. Commodity managers must effectively assess market trends, purchasing history and consumer demand to determine future purchases.

ECM solutions support these activities by providing a common, shared repository of information of current and historic information, as well as plans, projections and reports.

Contracts are essential to workflow and collaborative tools that support sourcing relationships. ECM contract management tools provide template and policy support for contract negotiation and creation, workflow and collaborative tools supporting negotiation, a common contract repository, contract status and reporting features, as well as support for contract amendments and renewals.

Digital asset management tools enable you to create, publish and maintain product catalogs to support in your business-to-business interactions.

OpenText helps you address these challenges with ECM solutions for Strategic Purchasing & Sourcing.

Supplemented by Business Content (e.g., predefined workflows) to give you a head-start in configuring workstreams and processes, Consulting Services, Training and Support tailored to meet your requirements.