New Product Development & Introduction

In new product development (NPD), managing and distributing product specifications and procedures is a complex process. Unstructured, product-related data is typically spread across different areas of the organization in a wide range of repositories, resulting in limited team information discovery and collaboration abilities. ECM solutions support the NPD ad hoc and formal processes, including design and development, prototyping, testing, quality assurance, production, service, maintenance, and warranty.

Process management, project planning and content management components of an ECM solution bring together disparate systems and groups engaged in product development. Some of these include design systems that produce CAD drawings, ERP systems that manage material requirements, logistics, procurement, and the QA department that generates and enforces operational procedures.

OpenText helps you address these challenges with ECM solutions for new product development and introduction.

Supplemented by Business Content (e.g., predefined workflows) to give you a head-start in configuring workstreams and processes, Consulting Services, Training and Support tailored to meet your requirements.