Consumer goods companies must plan the quantities, dates, quality inspections and resources of the manufacturing process, as well as ensure that the raw materials used in the manufacturing process comply with internal and external regulations. These activities require collaboration among multiple departments, such as Sales & Marketing, Finance, Legal, and Manufacturing.

Manufacturing departments are also under increasing pressure to improve quality, reduce product lifecycles, enforce standards, and comply with regulations in three major areas:  Environmental (e.g., CAFÉ, WEEE), Regulatory (e.g., IEEE, ISO, SOX), and Operational (Six Sigma and TQM). ECM solutions allow companies to implement, enforce, and monitor these compliance standards.

OpenText's ECM solutions for Manufacturing enable manufacturing organizations to:

  • Enforce quality, traceability of raw materials, and product safety
  • Improve engineering processes
  • Decrease operational costs
  • Ensure compliance with standards and regulations
  • Improve time to market

OpenText helps you address these challenges with ECM solutions for Manufacturing.

Supplemented by Business Content (e.g., predefined workflows) to give you a head-start in configuring workstreams and processes, Consulting Services, Training and Support tailored to meet your requirements.