Account Management

Account management in the consumer goods industry involves managing accounts with global and national retailers. It includes activities such as planning and collaborating on yearly sales agreements, providing early access to new product information and supporting promotions. Account Managers often experience delays due to a lack of ready access to the information they need; as a result, they cannot always ensure that accurate information (such as customer data, contracts, sales agreements, and marketing collateral) is exported to retailers’ systems on a timely basis.

ECM technologies provide unified document repositories organized according to each major account that include all agreements, correspondence, reports, and so on. In addition, ECM tools enable all regional and global account managers to exchange and comment on all the information they need to ensure effective sales coordination through jointly developed account plans and forecasts, while ensuring consistent responses to customer requests. They also provide general sales support through easy provisioning of product collateral and promotional information.

OpenText helps you address these challenges with ECM solutions for Account Management.

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